Caffeine Facts and Benefits


What is Caffeine

Coffee is among the most popular drinks on the planet and its plants are harvested in numerous regions. Caffeinated drinks, after all, have catalytic substances and are addictive. For many years, medical health organizations from various Western countries have said that coffee could generate hypertension and is harmful to your body. You might even have been informed that caffeinated drinks can give you an ulcer.

But, recently a new wave of studies is presenting another side of the story. Even if not all studies say that coffee has health-promoting qualities, the largest part of them is rather positive. Aside from caffeinated drinks, quality java has a natural combination of polyphenol anti-oxidants, bioflavonoid, rich B vitamins or other healthy nutrients like magnesium, chromium, and potassium.

Research has shown that not only caffeinated substances have anti-inflammatory properties, but they also work together in a synergistic way to help to slow the effects of aging in the long term. In addition to it, coffee could actually stimulate healthy processes in our systems even at a microscopic level. This modern body of research has proven that an average coffee intake reverses cognitive incapacity, reduces the risk of cancer, balances glucose levels and has positive effects on our heart.

Furthermore, coffee helps to prevent many serious health problems: Alzheimer’s disease, various forms of cancer (including the digestive tract, breasts, oral endometrial, renal and liver), diabetes (type II), heart illnesses (including heartbeat problems and cardiac arrest), prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Women who are pregnant in different stages should completely cut off caffeinated drinks. If you are known to have problems with adrenal exhaustion or reduced adrenal function, coffee can actually generate more stress for your adrenal system. Now, many individuals are regularly under pressure and exhausted, so they depend on caffeinated drinks for continual energy to sustain their busy schedule. Caffeine is used in weight loss pills around the world.

If you are in the same situation, it is an indicator that your system is not working properly, so you have to treat the real issues. Adrenal exhaustion can ruin your health. Our adrenal glands have a significant impact on every organ and process of the body, from the metabolic rate of the carbs, proteins, and fats, to liquid or electrolyte balance, heart, defense mechanisms, hormones and even our sex appetite.

Therefore, every time you present adrenal fatigue, clogging your whole body with caffeinated drinks is just going to worsen your problems in the future. Coffee has serious diuretic effects and whenever you have trouble with your electrolyte balance, it is a good idea to avoid any type of caffeine. If you consume caffeinated drinks and cannot sleep or seem to be awakening during nighttime, you could be sensitive to caffeine.

These stages differ based upon on the types of coffee roasting, grinding and preparing methods. Darker roasts have less caffeine in comparison to drinks with lighter roasts. Caffeinated products of all kinds, be it simple coffee or cappuccino and some other specialized drinks, are made from beans growing in the coffee plants. These seeds are cultivated on an extensive scale in different regions of the globe. Over 75 nations grow coffee and it is a vital trading product for South America, South-Eastern Asia or Africa since half of the people in the world consume coffee regularly.





Blood Sugar Optimizer Reviews


How can we reduce blood sugar? Usually, people with diabetes are recommended drugs that increase insulin production. In many cases, people with diabetes must inject insulin to regulate additional blood sugar levels. Blood Sugar Optimizer it’s a doctor formulated supplement that contains only natural ingredients , vitamins and minerals and amino acids. Besides these methods, blood sugar levels can be lowered by eating certain foods and by certain behavioral measures. Sometimes, however, they are not sufficient and should call for medicines. The 10 tips for lowering blood sugar targets both healthy individuals and those with diabetes type 1 and 2. Through these measures, healthy people have the chance to prevent the onset of this disease and increase the wellbeing of body. Type 1 diabetics are not able to compensate for the lack of insulin through these tips, but that deficit becomes less acute when the blood sugar level does not increase so much.

Tip 1: Avoiding Stress When you’re stressed, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which together with another hormone glucagon helps increase blood sugar. So, the more relaxed you are, the more they will feel the positive effect on blood glucose levels. To avoid from the start installing state of stress, try relaxation techniques such as yoga and autogenously training. Plan consciously relaxing breaks during the day, where you can practice relaxation exercises designed to help you find peace. To avoid stress, it is important a proper sleep schedule. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation results in an increase in the stress hormone, which in turn causes an increase in blood sugar.

Tip 2: Foods with low GI Eat mostly foods with a glycemic index (GI) low: the glycemic index indicates the proportion of carbohydrate in a food affects blood sugar levels. Glucose can only be transformed and be taken directly into the bloodstream; it has a glycemic index of 100. Foods with a glycemic index of 50, compared with pure glucose, causing an increase in the proportion of only 50% glucose. Foods with a low glycemic index are whole meal products, legumes, vegetables and some fruits. In contrast, white flour products, white sugar and dried fruits should be avoided.

Tip 3: Weight reduction If you suffer from type 2 diabetes and are overweight, you should apply efforts to lose excess weight. As the extra pounds, will in time lead to the formation of insulin resistance. In addition, excess weight affects insulin requirements. Thus, among the effects of weight loss will include the lowering blood sugar levels. To see the first results is sufficient 5% reductions in body weight within 6-12 months, but only if the weight loss is maintained. Overweight Diabetics are recommended a monthly drop weight of 1-2 kg because if radical weight loss, they cannot be maintained long term.

Tip 4: Discard excess fat Fats should not miss from your diet, but you should avoid excesses. We recommend a daily dose of approx. 80 grams of healthy fats, unsaturated. You should avoid eating foods that contain saturated fat because saturated fats – found mainly in foods of animal origin – easy to create insulin resistance. It therefore recommends unsaturated fats, which positively influences insulin resistance and that we find in fish and soy products.

Tip 5: Beware of fluids consumed Not just food, but drinks can affect blood sugar levels, because most (fruit juices, lemonades) contain significant amounts of sugar. The best liquid for diabetics is unsweetened teas and mineral water-especially green tea, a very positive effect on blood glucose levels. Scientific studies have shown hypoglycemic effect of green tea can be used as a preventive measure in healthy individuals.

Tip 6: Do regular exercise When you exercise, the muscles become strong and consume more energy than when you are sedentary. The increased energy consumption, the body burns more glucose and blood sugar drops. In addition, regular movement and combat the appearance of insulin resistance. Also, the sport regularly will help get rid of extra pounds. If you have not become accustomed to practice sports before, you should not overdo it: Start gradually in walk distance, avoid using the elevator and choose to walk the stairs on foot. Get out in nature and stroll in the fresh air.

Tip 7: Use sweetener instead of sugarWhile sugar has an effect on blood glucose levels increase, saccharin does not contain carbohydrates that influence blood sugar levels. So consumption of saccharin, glucose level is not affected. Those unwilling to turn to saccharin, stevia can try. The herb stevia is renowned for its sweetening properties and is therefore very suitable as a replacement for sugar and saccharin. Stevia is recommended for diabetics, because some of the ingredients may contribute to lower blood glucose levels.

Tip 8: Season the food with cinnamon Cinnamon is among the most effective spices of the glucose-lowering effect. Through regular consumption, its effect is significant. The recommended daily dose is at least 1 milligram cinnamon. To ensure adequate consumption of cinnamon, you can spice tea or coffee with these wonderful spices can add in muesli or fruit salad or. You can also try recipes such as rice milk, which enters into the composition and cinnamon.

Tip 9: Eat enough fruits Apples have a positive effect on blood sugar very blood. They contain large amounts of pectin which helps the sugar from food into the bloodstream to be taken gradually. Remember, pectin is found mainly in the peel of the apple, so it is recommended to eat. Besides apples, carrots and they contain appreciable amounts of pectin. Citrus fruits such as pommel and grapefruit also have a positive effect on blood glucose levels. Besides grapefruit pulp, diabetics are advised and a grapefruit seed extract. Diabetics are recommended consumption of fruit properly to ensure administration of vitamin C and B. Vitamin C alleviates the detrimental effects of diabetes and vitamin B group combat damage from diabetes on nerves. Considerable quantities of vitamin C are found in rosehip, sea buckthorn and red pepper. Vitamin B is found in yeast, sunflower seeds, soy flour. While sugar has an effect on blood glucose levels increase, saccharin does not contain carbohydrates that influence blood sugar levels. So consumption of saccharin, glucose level is not affected. Those unwilling to turn to saccharin, stevia can try. The herb stevia is renowned for its sweetening properties and is therefore very suitable as a replacement for sugar and saccharin. Stevia is recommended for diabetics, because some of the ingredients may contribute to lower blood glucose levels.

Tip 10: Zinc and chromium in sufficient dose Pay attention to a sufficient consumption of zinc and chromium. Trace mineral chromium has a significant effect on decreasing blood glucose. It seems that it enhances the effect of insulin in diabetics and ensures better control blood sugar levels. Instead, a chromium deficiency can lead to increased blood glucose levels. Chromium can be absorbed either through supplements or whole meal products or chicken.

Fermented Green Supremefood Reviews


Swiss doctor Paul Kutschoff was first to demonstrate in 1930, that the human body needs at least 50 % raw food per day, to function optimally. He agreed that are so many scam supplements that we can find online but the only one who proved good for our body is Fermented Green Supremefood. On the other hand, if more than 50 % of food in a day are not living (raw ) food surplus immune system treats them like foreign bodies, such as the immune system fight excess ” dead food ” as like fighting a foreign body that has invaded your body .

What is raw food? Raw = food containing enzymes. All living organisms contain enzymes. Where there are no enzymes there is no life. Enzymes are destroyed when food is fully cooked heat (boiled, fried, baked, etc.), which is why cooked food is dead – whether we speak of plant or animal food.

What are enzymes? Physiologically speaking, some enzymes are active proteins that drive all the biochemical processes that occur in a living organism – be it human, animal or bacteria. All processes in the body, including those that help us to see, to think, to digest food, breathe, occurs when a healthy person at impressive speeds, and this is due to the enzymes. Also called “catalysts life,” but rather, they are life itself.

Humans have two categories of enzymes:

I. Metabolic Enzymes There are enzymes inside cells. They are also called “spark of life” as none of the billions of cells would not function without them. To make your cat a clue: there are approximately 1,300 different enzymes in every cell and some of them perform their task 5 million times per minute. I think you can realize that every cell in your body is a true atomic happening in tens of thousands of reactions per second. The downside is that… As enzymes get older the number decreases, NOT metabolic enzymes can be supplemented with enzymes from outside: no food or supplements. However, a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, healthy habits) prolongs life-sustaining enzymes and enzyme to old age. Metabolic enzymes need vitamins and minerals, especially zinc and magnesium to function optimally, therefore, to maintain a balance enzyme in the body is very important that there vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body. Also it would be better to give up unhealthy habits such as: alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyles, processed foods … things that are pure poison for all types of enzymes.

II. Digestive enzymes Digestive enzymes are key elements in: * Digesting food * Absorption of nutrients from food * Disposal useless body Most digestive enzymes are secreted by the pancreas, and liver, gall bladder , small intestine, stomach and colon are the organs that are based on their function enzymes . The main types of digestive enzymes are: * Amylases – which break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. * Proteases – which are responsible for breaking down proteins * Lipases – that break down fats. As you can see, each type of food there is a certain enzyme that decompose him up to the stage where it can be absorbed by the body. So we cannot talk in the absence of enzyme digestion. Although they are so important to the human body, they do not take forever . Find out more about more about super foods on Health Magazine with Reviews!

health supreme food

Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia


Garcinia accelerates effects of all diets, of course it is recommended that , in addition to using the product , have a healthy diet and do physical activity.

In preparation of daily meals should include fresh and unprocessed foods. Avoid overly processed foods, especially carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, and simple sugar, which is hidden in fruit yoghurt, flavored drinks in ice cream, chocolate and other sweet vices.

In addition to a proper diet, sufficient physical activity is important. Move to fresh air fill your lungs and enjoy plenty of warm sunshine. Physical activity can mean a walk in the city, jogging in the evening or morning yoga. It is important to do more exercise today than yesterday. After sport do not forget to drink enough water.

Product Benefits

  • 100 % natural;
  • Inhibit fat reserves;
  • It inhibits food cravings;
  • Increased secretion of serotonin;
  • Adjust body weight
  • Contribute to eliminate weight
  • Contribute to optimal blood sugar metabolism;
  • The product does not contain gluten and lactose GSO. Cellulose capsules are not of animal origin.

Garcinia Cambogia 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA):

  • Helps suppress appetite in obese individuals. HCA stimulates receptors in the liver glycogen, so they will pass faster to the brain signal “full belly”. In addition, this acid slows the absorption of glucose after meals, adjusts the balance between absorption and burning carbohydrates and inhibits the enzyme ATP (responsible for reducing carbohydrate storage form of fat).
  • It helps digestion and proper assimilation of food consumed (in particular by activating lipolysis enzymes), reduces acidity in the digestive system and enhances the protection of the stomach lining, protecting us against stomach ulcers.
  • Research has highlighted the other benefits of HCA such as stimulate heart activity reduces body temperature and burning sensation in the body, helping to cure urinary disease and contribute to wound healing.Accelerates metabolism, increases body and increases the yield and activity thermogenesis (heat production by accelerating the burning of fat and sugar);

Blow EzPen reviews –

where-to-buy-Blow-EZ-PenElectronic Cigarette and other methods to stop smoking

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is one of the most successful products, an anti-smoking Electronic Cigarette revolutionary 21st century was greeted with skepticism, criticism and even unfounded fear. It`s true that Blow EzPen it`s the most wanted e-cigarette and this is because it`s the only product that is accepted by almost all the countries.

It is obvious that the electronic cigarette unlike nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers and gum, mainly aims to stop nicotine addiction. This is where the user’s choice, it can use to inhale nicotine from electronic cigarette without nicotine without harmful substances. Also, an advantage of this device is that it enables the user to gradually quit smoking defect, so switching to a non-smoker status not to be so heavy and painful or sudden and brief.

Products that are found in various pharmaceutical chains have a success rate of 8 percent for a period of 6 months and a 2 percent rate reported in a period of 2 years. These pharmaceuticals are promoting in media, anti-smoking groups, doctors and teachers and health organizations, however, the success rate of these products and their yield is low.

According to a pilot study conducted in 2011 by the Center for prevention and cure of tobacco dependence in Italy were supplied electronic cigarette smoker more people who wanted to give up their traditional cigarettes, and for 24 weeks they were asked to use electronic cigarettes received. At the end of the study, the results show that 32.5 $ of the study participants have greatly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked regular and 22.5% of participants gave up traditional cigarettes, making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

This study took place in 2011; the results are much better and far more favorable in 2013. Compared with the 8 percent success rate of 22.5% Electronic Cigarette 2011 is a success and also demonstrates that it is an effective device and Quality and its beneficial effects are real.


A while ago, the French government declared that commissioned a report to see the potential risks posed to people using electronic cigarette. According to statistics, more than half a million French smokers using electronic cigarette for reducing or diminishing the number of conventional cigarettes. Doctors and specialists agreed that the best e-cigarette is Blow EzPen.

The study was conducted in March this year, led by Dr. Bertrand Dautzenberg pulmonologist. It has many advantages the electronic cigarette has, the. At the same time, experts who participated in the study recommend that under absolutely no circumstances, electronic cigarettes will be prohibited by the French government.

“Experts recommend that access to these devices will not be stopped, given the current data, it appears that electronic cigarettes reduce the risk when replacing regular cigarettes.”

Bertrand Dautzenberg pulmonologist says, ” I will not resist if a smoker decides to use the electronic cigarette . With regular cigarettes, there are 50% chances that this causes their own death. With the electronic cigarette, we are not exactly sure yet, but probably is less risk. ”

French doctors’ conclusions are pro electronic cigarette. French experts even recommend France oppose EU Directive regarding the imposition of a maximum level of nicotine 4 mg / ml e- liquid for any electronic cigarette . Also urges the Government to be involved in promoting this product for quitting smoking defect, and not be restricted in any way access to the electronic cigarette.