How to reduce weight naturally


What I notice that people are asking about weight loss each and every day online is what is the easiest way to do it. Maybe this isn’t true for everyone but this is what I noticed, most are interested in doing it in a way that doesn’t require much effort or a lot of time. It’s unfortunate that it is so because the best way to stay fit and healthy is to implement some healthy habits into your lifestyle, that are permanent but most people are not willing to do that. However, let’s go back to the question at hand, what’s the easiest way? Well, from my point of view at least, because you’re definitely going to get different answers from different places, it’s dieting. Physical activity is hard, whether it’s jumping rope, running or lifting weights, it is hard.

Well, for me it’s not hard to be quite honest, but that is because I enjoy it and have been doing it for more than 10 years, regularly. My body is used to the effort, I’ve got a good amount of stamina and strength compared to your average, inactive individual and this is not me showing off, it’s just a fact. Inactivity causes a person to have weaker and smaller muscles, joints become stiffer, your endurance drops dramatically, etc. You will not compete with an active person when you spend most of your time being sedentary, playing video games or doing whatever in front of a computer, watching tv and things like that, which don’t involve much movement or physical activity.

Now, I must say, I wouldn’t exactly call dieting easy but, I mean, at the end of the day you have to choose one over the other if you can’t do them both.

It’s either you become more active or you eat healthier, otherwise you will not make any progress in losing fat. I think dieting is easier, it is easier for me personally and I believe it’s an easier choice for most people which aren’t active and will have a rough time getting active and staying active regularly.

As you can imagine it can be difficult to eat healthy when you’re used to eating unhealthy. It can be difficult sticking to vegetables, whole grain bread, lean meat like chicken breast, greek yogurt and so on. It can be difficult doing the shopping for these foods when you’re used to ordering pizza or going out to and eating fast-food however it gets easier the more you do it, it becomes a habit and ultimately that is the best thing, to form healthy habits in your life which will not only help you lost fat and become fit and lean but these habits will keep it so and keep you from gaining unhealthy weight.


What is safflower oil made out of?


What is CLA safflower?

The history of the safflower goes back 4,000 years. Egyptians used it for a different purpose than we do today, as a textile colorant for their clothes. Although the production increased in 1950, safflower plant is known to have many health benefits and purposes.

Sharing nutritional similarities with sunflower oil, safflower seed oil doesn’t have any color or flavor. It can be used an ingredient for cosmetic products and can replace other oils, including olive oil for salad dressings.

In China, safflower oil is used to alleviate pain, heal fractures, for treating respiratory problems and for improving the circulation.

CLA Safflower oil is considered to have beneficial effects that will boost our health, thus making it a better choice. Derived from the safflower plant’s seeds called Carthamus tinctorius, that can be found in Africa or Asia, safflower oil is extracted.

Nowadays, India is the biggest producer of safflower in the world, along with the U.S. and Mexico.

Why is safflower good for our health?

1.Aids constipation

It can be used in a combination with sweetened water or taken with chicken stock to get rid of constipation problems.

2.Prevents atherosclerosis

Protects the heart and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases or strokes.

3.Clears the skin

It’s an effective treatment that fights acne and removes blackheads, whiteheads or other dark spots.

4.Reduces menstrual pain

Ensures a normal blood flow and prevents the apparition of clots that can increase menstrual pains and abdominal discomfort.

5.Helps joint pains

Gently massaging a small quantity of safflower on the area, it will eliminate joint pains due to arthritis of injuries.

How to use safflower oil

  • As food for birds or for the oil industry.
  • As a spice, it can replace saffron, which is highly expensive. It is also called false saffron, thistle saffron, or bastard saffron.
  • As a solvent for oil painting, instead of linseed oil.
  • As an industrial ingredient for coatings, paints or varnishes.
  • As a hair conditioner, it detangles the braids and nourishes the hair.

CLA Safflower Oil Precautions and side effects

It can act as an anti-clotting agent, so it’s not advised to use it before or right after a surgery.

If you are allergic to marigolds, sunflower, ragweed, daisies or chrysanthemums.

Taken with some anti-inflammatory drugs, safflower oil could stimulate the blood flow and be dangerous in case of a hemorrhage.

It can lower the blood and produce a calming effect, but a hypotensive person might encounter blood pressure changes which could affect his health.

Pregnant women should avoid it due to the risk of developing contractions.

Side-effects can be diarrhea, a loose stool, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, nausea.

Types of safflower oil

1.The one containing high quantities of oleic acids or monounsaturated fatty acids

2.The one rich in linoleic acid or polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Omega-3 and omega-6 are important substances that our body must procure in order to remain healthy. Safflower oil includes both, thus making it a great addition to any household.

CLA Safflower Oil – 2017 Weight Loss Supplement


You’ve heard about fatty acids before, generally, they are good for you, they can offer various health benefits for your brain, sometimes for weight loss and more. CLA is a group of fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which resemble linoleic acid which is why the mixture is called conjugated linoleic acid. These fatty acids have the same molecular structure as linoleic acid or at the very least very similar and CLA has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, it can reduce tumors in animals and in humans, it can help with blood pressure related problems, insulin resistance, etc.

Now, before I talk about how CLA can help you burn fat, I just want you all to understand that it’s no miracle drug. I keep repeating in my articles that there is no such thing and I am sorry that I sound like a broken record but there are always people that seem to believe that things like CLA, green tea, whatever else used by weight loss supplements, can help them shed several pounds per week and in no time they become fit, without much physical activity or dieting. No, in fact, you will probably make no progress unless you diet and exercise and CLA fat burning results vary for each individual.

Which leads me to the topic of CLA’s reliability, it is or can be quite unreliable. In some studies, it offered a good reduction in fat mass, while also helping to preserve muscle mass or lean muscle. In others, it didn’t do the same, it has conflicting results. Of course, as I said, CLA represents a mixture of linoleic acid isomers and not all trials use the same type of CLA, the same isomers with the same chemical bond or molecular structure which may affect the results. There was this one study done in 2007 I believe, which showed that individuals may lose around 0.1 or something along those lines, pounds per week while taking as much as 3 grams of CLA. So, obviously, the dose is quite high, 3 grams.

You will not find so much in foods by the way. It’s true that you can find CLA in grass fed beef, grass fed cow’s milk, however, the amounts are quite small. It is not very effective, not overly potent and often unreliable, so yeah, definitely not a miracle drug or anything like that. If you exercise regularly and your diet accordingly, I have no doubt that you will lose fat but how much CLA will influence that, it’s difficult to say. I’ve seen people be very successful with CLA, I’ve read reviews and feedback, even from athletes or bodybuilders, not necessarily professionals, just casual bodybuilders but I’ve also seen CLA fail in promoting any benefit for fat burning in others.

CLA Safflower Oil is one of the best weight loss supplements in 2017 according to Dr. Oz and other specialists. We will see in the next months but we can tell you for sure that more than 90% of the reviews are positive.

Green Tea Extract Benefits

green powder forming cup shape surface close up isolated on white background

5 Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, also known as catechins. They help the body by offering support to the immunity system, cardiovascular system and also by lowering the fat levels in the entire body.

Different epidemiological studies show that the regular ingestion of green teas has a beneficial effect on the overall health. This tea can suppress cancer, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease or increase the memory. Although it’s an acquired taste and some people can’t get used to it, green tea also comes in the form of green tea extract. This extract can be taken as a pill and with the same health benefits.

These are some uses for the green tea extract!

Increases weight loss

Studies prove that green tea increases your metabolism which helps you body burn fat faster. The catechins found in the green tea extract will help your organism burn fat more quickly and thus enhance the fat loss.

The green tea extract can regulate blood sugar levels. A high sugar level will determine the organism to store the fat instead of transforming it into energy.

By inhibiting a digestive enzyme called amylase, green tea will keep under control the blood sugar level and help you burn more calories.

Enhances longevity

A Japanese study shows that people who consume daily green tea are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease or for the matter, any disease. An intake of 5 cups or green tea per day will keep the organism strong, healthy and will prolong the life expectancy.

Regulates glucose levels

The organism of a type-1 diabetic doesn’t produce enough insulin, a substance that helps the body transform the glucose and food into energy. Green tea can improve this aspect by regulating the glucose levels.

A few clinical studies show that a supplement of green tea extract powder can lower hemoglobin A1c at patients with borderline diabetes.

Prevents heart disease

The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology published in 2009 a study that attests to the fact that catechins prevent the build-up of arterial plaque and the hardening of arteries.

Green tea catechins will protect you from heart disease, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, strokes and lower your blood pressure.

Alleviates joint pains

Having anti-inflammatory properties, the catechins can reduce pain due to arthritis or another disease that affects the joints. Green tea acts as an efficient anti-inflammatory agent which decreases de inflammation that leads to joint pains.

Catechins also have a beneficial effect on slowing down the cartilage breakdown process.

Possible risks associated with green tea extract

Supplements of green tea extract can contain various active substances which can interact badly with different treatments or prescriptions.

Green tea supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Thus, they can include a variety of substances that are not safe for the body.

The green tea extract is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women,  people who have liver or kidney problems, anxiety disorder or ulcers.

Remember to always consult a specialist before taking any kind of natural remedy.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus Review and Free Trial


For those who did not know, the fat is important, it offers the body energy in periods of starvation. Nobody says that the fat in huge quantities is healthy, on the contrary, the point is that the fat has its role in the survival mechanism. The human body it is indeed very smart constructed. It has his own defense processes to offer us some help in need.

You have to be careful what you eat because the excess of calories are stored as fat and when the body need to consume energy that is not coming from healthy meals, the fat storages are harmed. You have to resort to a balanced diet high in nutrients and vitamins

If losing weight is your goal you need to consume fewer calories than usual, in another word you have to consume low calories foods and eat fewer calories than you consume by doing sport. A good and healthy choice would be a meal with more proteins and fewer carbohydrates. If you want to gain muscles, you need to do the opposite, you have to eat more calories than you usually eat and by doing workout and eat proteins. So doing the two processes at the same time might not be too easy, because they are quite opposite and need different approaches, but however this is not impossible.


From a biological point of view, muscle tissues are formed by soft tissues that offer the muscle the ability to contract. A muscle to grow must be forced by for example weight lifting, and so the muscles become bigger and stronger helped by amino acids from proteins and hormones, the growth hormone and testosterone.

In order to do that, you have to be very careful with your nutrition diet. Before you start your workout routine you have to consume proteins and carbohydrates. From these, the muscle takes what is necessary for it to develop.

It is also important what you eat after you finish the workout program. You have to take care, though, this can slow your process to lose fat, consuming more calories after sport may not help you very much if you want to lose weight at the same time. But if you want to build muscles you should eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates, the same as before the training.

Apex Garcinia Cambogia Plus can also help in your mission to lose fat and gain muscles. It is safe and contains only natural ingredients, the garcinia fruit itself. It is helpful to reduce your appetite and control your needs for sugar. It has been proven that it eliminates fats and improve the metabolic processes. It could be a reliable supplement to ease your work.

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Lose Weight and Belly Fat with Probiotics


In today’s society, every fashion show presents the latest creations on skinny models and every Hollywood star looks like she eats every 3 days. This creates an iconic beauty model very hard to achieve by normal women. Thus, the interest for perfect body and weight loss has increased tremendously in the last years.

Everybody thinks that losing weight is the utmost goal nowadays and that having the same weight as her favorite actress will make her more beautiful or desirable. What girls and women don’t know is that there are certain rules to body proportions and losing weight should be in accordance with those rules.

When you lose weight, you actually lose body mass which is composed of fluids, body fat or adipose tissue, but also bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon or other connective tissue. If you do not have an organized diet plan, you might lose too much of something and too little of the other, thus creating unnecessary health problems.

Weight gain or the impossibility of losing weight is not just the results of eating too much or eating the wrong things. Food is one of the major causes indeed, but a sedentary lifestyle can also prevent you from losing weight, no matter what you eat.

Your greenies and your healthy proteins won’t help you much if you not use some of the energy your body accumulates during the day. Losing weight is not a miracle, is an accumulation of interdependent variables that make it happen. Good food combinations, proper hydration, a little bit of sport; those are factors that make slimming happen.

Only 30 minutes of sport a day can make your metabolism accelerate its pace and burn those dreadful calories. It can be any sport really. Only 30 minutes of intense walking or easy jogging can turn on your metabolism and melt your calories. Of course, you can do something more fun like swimming or dancing or cycling but that depends on your hobbies and on your free time.

Everybody knows that sport is good for your health and also for your waist, but they find excuses not to practice it: too little spare time, too busy, too expensive (which is not true in most cases). “Where there is a will, there is a way,” a smart person said once.

There are lots of books that teach you how to lose weight in a healthy way, without starving yourself or create any other health issues. Respected nutritionist collected all their knowledge and experience in easy to digest books that show how food and sport combined can help you reach your weight goal. Of course, there are also a lot of certified supplements, like Nucific Bio X4 that can help you accelerate your metabolism and fight those extra pounds.

Lose Belly Fat with Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin


The Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin is a tisane Extract from Coleus Forskolin, which is a plant known to be in the mint family it is primarily known to assist in the production of cyclic AMP, which enhances the kinetics of the contractile organ that is the heart. Proof for other results are first and ambiguous ,there is a judgment that it may have personal properties in different cells of the body like platelet ,endocrine glands it may avoid platelet miscellany and attachments, and it might even domino tumour growth and cancer conversion.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates Forskolin as “probably effective” for the asthmatic societies and as a drip medication for idiopathic congestive cardiomythopathy. It also invokes that it may descend rising pressure, but no proof of it working on glaucoma patients.Its also has any evidence of processing the necessary tools you need to transform in a much more weight manageable kind of a body. It lists possible potentiating with prescription medicines and with some other herbs and also supplements it has been pointed out that it may rush the risk of bleeding and should be stopped at least 2 weeks antecedent to surgery.


The Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin juiced from the mint species of plants were used in many historic culture for the primary purpose of healing .Traditionalist medical practices include the congealment of digestive disorders like stomach ache, gastric and intestinal cramp sets, The Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin was also used for preserving beauty and wellness by treating skin burns, insect bites, allergies .STD such as syphilis, ringworm and many other conditions.

Forskolin has been used to manage sever disease. Forskolin however has many places of action and therefore should be taken with caution.


Forskolin by products such as the Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin have been advocated to be in use for blood vessel and heart condition. Many other sanctity endeavors among scientists fail to stand claims which are made of weight management properties and clinical studies conducted with by mouth and inhale of forskolin in asthma patients are pocket-size. Study conducted on obese humans ,they had been taking an uptake of 250mg of a Forskolim extract two times daily for 3months.


Concerning the pregnant and lactating mothers it is of great caution that they avoid this as the information is incomplete. If Forskolin can be the best weight loss program then it just might be what we’ve all been looking forward to. From the evidence so far approved it is something worth a try good luck.