L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine Powerful Nootropics


2 Powerful Nootropics: L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine

Brian supplements promise to improve your memory while increasing the cerebral circulation and enhancing the concentration. The difference between different brands lays in the chosen ingredients and dosages. An efficient supplement should also contain L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine, among other compounds.

The Pros of L-Tyrosine

As a natural amino acid, L-tyrosine will lower social anxiety and the stress that comes with it. Also, it promotes a state of well-being and has a positive impact on the mood.

  • prevents and reduces panic attacks
  • helps the social behavior
  • keeps the anxiety levels in check
  • reduces stress
  • improves the mood
  • increases the dopamine levels in the brain
  • treats social anxiety
  • promotes attentiveness
  • improves the stress response

The Pros of L-Theanine

Usually found in tea leaves, this amino acid promotes a healthy brain and boosts the cognitive functions. Ensuring an optimal nerve impulse transmission and improving the memory, L-theanine has a positive effect on the overall health of the organism.

  • has a calming effect
  • ensures an easier learning process
  • improves memory
  • helps the transmission of nerve impulses
  • improves cognitive functions
  • raises the dopamine and serotonin levels
  • relaxes the body
  • raises attentiveness and alertness levels
  • ensures an enhanced cognition

Why are these two amino acids considered nootropics?

1.Cross the blood brain barrier

L-theanine has the ability, besides of ensuring health benefits, to have a direct effect on the brain. Unlike other supplements, L-theanine can improve the brain’s capacity by supplying a boost exactly where is needed.

2.Raise dopamine levels

This substance is responsible for mood swings and how we are feeling. Maintaining a balanced level of dopamine will increase our well-being, reduce signs of depression and improve mood disorders.

3.Relax the brain

By being able to reduce anxiety and minimize panic attacks, these two substances are an excellent treatment for anxiety disorders that can affect our social behavior. Eliminating the stress that comes along with our anxiety, L-theanine and L-tyrosine facilitate a natural state of calm that help us overcome our fears.

4.Reduce stress levels

L-tyrosine plays a part in the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters that can affect the stress levels. A supplement will provide the necessary amount of dopamine that can maintain optimal levels of hormones.

5.Increase motivation

By having a positive impact on our motivation and boosting it up, L-theanine and L-tyrosine prove to have the capacity to influence our way of thinking, boredom, or drowsiness.

Side effects and precautions

L-theanine is known to have better results when taken with caffeine, while L-tyrosine should be taken with food, especially carbohydrates.

A brain supplement will likely contain these two compounds and a couple more so you won’t have to worry about taking them separately.

Being a brain enhancer, these amino acids can disrupt your sleep so it’s recommended to be administered during the day and not before bedtime.

Usually, both substances are very well tolerated and the only known possible side effects are nausea, headaches or insomnia.

These two amino acids complete each other’s benefits and ensure a healthy body while improving the memory and cognition.


NooCube Ingredients


NooCube defines itself as a “synergistic mixture of nootropics” that improves your mental speed, attention, and memory. Find out if it works nowadays in our NooCube review.

What is NooCube?

NooCube is a nutritious supplement that assurances to increase your cognition plus focus. By taking two tablets of the supplement every day, you can purportedly relish short-term and long-term mental benefits.

Other assurances made by NooCube comprise no caffeine, no gluten, in addition to no genetically altered ingredients. So how precisely does this nootropic work? Let us find out.


How Does NooCube Work?

NooCube’s formula contains of seven active elements. Those ingredients comprise all of the following:

Alpha GPC: Abridged to Alpha GPC, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine has been displayed to raise heights of acetylcholine inside the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is mainly accountable for creating new memories. In one study issued in 2013, Alzheimer’s patients who received Alpha GP3 3 times per day for 180 days reliably improved their mental function test scores related to those who did not take Alpha GPC.

Huperzine A: Another prevalent nootropic element, Huperzine A is extracted from a kind of Chinese moss. It stops the collapse of acetylcholine by targeting something named acetylcholinesterase.

Cat’s Claw: Cat’s claw derives from a vine found in the Amazon forest. It’s ironic with antioxidants and can aid repair the body’s ecological stress. One study revealed Cat’s Claw ruined diverse types of free radicals inside the body and it has been studied as a probable treatment alongside Parkinson’s disease.

Bacopa Monnieri: Similar many nootropics, NooCube comprises Bacopa monnieri, which is an antique Indian (Ayurvedic) herbal treatment that might have a defensive effect on neurons inside your body.

Oat Straw: Oat straw is an element that originates from wild green oats as well as has been used as a folk medication for centuries – mainly in primitive Europe. Oat straw is thought to work by growing alpha-2 wave action in the brain by growing blood flow.

L-Theanine as well as L-Tyrosine: L-Theanine is a compound found in green tea as well as black tea, whereas L-Tyrosine is frequently paired with L-Theanine to increase its effects. These amino acids have been observed to aid boost cognitive aptitude in many studies.


Eventually, NooCube backs up all 7 elements in the formula with actual scientific proof supporting their aids. Several of the natural elements – similar Cat’s Claw – have less noteworthy proof than the renowned nootropics – like Alpha GPC plus L-Theanine – however all of these elements have at least several intendent scientific proof supporting their profits.



Synapsyl Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?


Having a natural formula we can say that Synapsyl really gets some attention towards it. This is because it is a supplement that can assist our brain get back healthy or maintain its health as we grow older. Nobody can take care of us that’s why we are the first responsible for the quality of our life experience. And because our brain is such a complex organ be sure that it all begins from there. A healthy mind leads all of the time to a healthy body. But because our daily live activities start to take a lot of our times and we really forget about getting care of this aspect, we might end up having health problems that are not that easy to be treated.

About Synapsyl

So consider Synapsyl a helping hand that will change the overall health of your mind. Because it is a natural supplement you can rest assure that there are no side effects and what is even better is that it acts like a booster. This means our neurotransmitters get all that they need in order to function properly. Their role is that they help our neuro cells communicate with each other. When this happens be sure that our brain will only work better.

Where can I get it and how much does it cost?

Synapsyl can be easily found in the online. You need to check their official website in order to get all the information you need. A monthly supply will cost you $49.95 and the recommended dose is of 1-2 capsules a day. If you compare the price with other supplements that claim to help your brain health you will see that it is a very reasonable one.

What are the benefits of Synapsyl?

  • You will be able to focus better
  • You will increase your levels of energy
  • You will have a positive state of mind
  • Will feel more motivated

So being a natural supplement that has the mission of increasing our brain function we can say that it really sounds good. Be sure there will always be all kind of opinions on the market but the best way to find out if it will work for you is by simply testing it. The price is good and because there are no side effects there is really no reasons why you should not give Synapsyl a chance. Make sure you take your daily dose and experience the effects that it has for you.


Cerebrrin Reviews


Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement Review

Considering that our brain has been active since we were born this says a lot of how powerful it is. It’s the most complex organ of our bodies and it really defines us as a person. That is why it’s really important to pay attention more on how it feels and what does it need. Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement was created with this purpose. The main goal is to improve our brains health and help it with all kind of other issues like lack of focus, learning process, how easily we can remember and the way our energy levels are. Being in a positive state of mind is not something easy this days especially when we have a bad day at work or back home things aren’t really great.


Can Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement make positive changes for me?

Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement can be the ideal choice when we feel things aren’t going the way we want. When we feel stressed out, when we can’t see the positive things in different outcomes and when we feel tired in a mental way that’s probably the best timing to try it. It’s made entirely from natural ingredients and the way it acts is that it brings your brain back into its top level. It’s well known that after a certain age even our brain start to deteriorate but if we start taking Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement we will be able to reverse this effect.

Who developed Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement and what is the pricing for it?

The product was developed in a Californian based company and it’s called Montecito Labs, LLC. It’s interesting that you can get the supplement only through their own website. Pricing starts from 70 $ and goes up depending on the quantity you need to buy and here are some good news, the shipping is free.


What can you tell me about the ingredients used in Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement?

As you already have read the ingredients used in Cerebrrin are all natural. This might seem a little bit strange but the producer didn’t share the dosage information or even the full list of the ingredients used. All that we managed to get our hands on is a few ingredients: Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, Huperzine A and GABA. Of course they are not sufficient to make the Cerebrrin – Brain Supplement but maybe over time they will share with us the entire list. However because studies have been made on the supplement and no side effects have been found we can say that this is a reliable way of increasing the performance of our brain and its health.


Geniux brain booster reviews


If you are suffering from a lack of focus or memory loss or you can call it forgetfulness, then you might be interested in using a nootropic or brain enhancement supplement at some point, because these kind of products are entirely designed for the sole purpose of bringing you a healthier brain and increasing or enhancing your brain or mental, or cognitive performance. Now, i say suffering but it doesn’t? actually hurt or anything like that, nor am i referring to any mental illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, but decreases in brain performance can definitely be annoying and can come between your work performance and productivity and between your enjoyment of life, because negative emotions or moods come from the brain and can also cause decreases in cognitive performance, because you can’t work well when you’re depressed, sad or unmotivated.


But why are we depressed or unmotivated or why do we suffer from these and other problems that cause us to perform poorly? Well, aside the normal factors like, maybe you had an argument or a fight with someone or you’ve had a bad day and so on, on a chemical level, when you are depressed for example, there are low levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin or dopamine, which are known to influence moods and more, focus, creativity, mental alertness, memory, etc.
There are two main types of neurotransmitters and if we’re talking about cognitive performance and brain health, we absolutely cannot ignore or not talk about neurotransmitters because their influence on cognition is huge. Geniux Brain Booster is one of the most wanted brain supplements in 2016.
Just to give you a few example, there are inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters, serotonin and gaba are inhibitory and this refers to those neurotransitters that have as a role to make you feel good, they influence emotions, sleep, motivation, self-esteem, etc.

Excitatory neurotransmitters are those that have as a role the influence of our focus and thinking and memory and so on. But they are both very important because you simply can’t focus as well if you’re not feeling well or in the mood, they kind of complete each other. Obviously, when these neurotransmitters go or get depleted, you lose the things that they help with, such as focus, memory, good emotions or moods and so on. Allright so let’s talk about what can deplete or destroy these neurotransmitters? Stress is one of the major factors, as well as nutrition and so on. STress is bad, very unhealthy, especially chronic stress, a few of its effects are high blood pressure and more free radicals which, of course, can damage your health, neurons, etc. Also, unbalanced levels of neurotransmitters can influence unhealthy weight gain / obesity. The lack of physical activity also promotes low brain activity and so on which in turn influences low mental or cognitive performance.
Nootropic supplements help regulate neurotransmitter levels, basically, among other of their benefits, in order to restore performance and energy and health to your brain.