How to reduce weight naturally


What I notice that people are asking about weight loss each and every day online is what is the easiest way to do it. Maybe this isn’t true for everyone but this is what I noticed, most are interested in doing it in a way that doesn’t require much effort or a lot of time. It’s unfortunate that it is so because the best way to stay fit and healthy is to implement some healthy habits into your lifestyle, that are permanent but most people are not willing to do that. However, let’s go back to the question at hand, what’s the easiest way? Well, from my point of view at least, because you’re definitely going to get different answers from different places, it’s dieting. Physical activity is hard, whether it’s jumping rope, running or lifting weights, it is hard.

Well, for me it’s not hard to be quite honest, but that is because I enjoy it and have been doing it for more than 10 years, regularly. My body is used to the effort, I’ve got a good amount of stamina and strength compared to your average, inactive individual and this is not me showing off, it’s just a fact. Inactivity causes a person to have weaker and smaller muscles, joints become stiffer, your endurance drops dramatically, etc. You will not compete with an active person when you spend most of your time being sedentary, playing video games or doing whatever in front of a computer, watching tv and things like that, which don’t involve much movement or physical activity.

Now, I must say, I wouldn’t exactly call dieting easy but, I mean, at the end of the day you have to choose one over the other if you can’t do them both.

It’s either you become more active or you eat healthier, otherwise you will not make any progress in losing fat. I think dieting is easier, it is easier for me personally and I believe it’s an easier choice for most people which aren’t active and will have a rough time getting active and staying active regularly.

As you can imagine it can be difficult to eat healthy when you’re used to eating unhealthy. It can be difficult sticking to vegetables, whole grain bread, lean meat like chicken breast, greek yogurt and so on. It can be difficult doing the shopping for these foods when you’re used to ordering pizza or going out to and eating fast-food however it gets easier the more you do it, it becomes a habit and ultimately that is the best thing, to form healthy habits in your life which will not only help you lost fat and become fit and lean but these habits will keep it so and keep you from gaining unhealthy weight.


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