Spartagen XT Review – Testosterone Formula


As some of you may, or may not know, testosterone is a very important hormone, especially for men as it is in fact known as the male sex or growth hormone as well.

Testosterone plays an absolutely essential role in the development of the male reproductive tissues but it is also essential for the growth of muscles, bone mass, in sexual drive, low testosterone levels can cause bad moods and depression, it can cause bad health and contribute to various health problems, it can cause a decline in energy production and many other side-effects.

Some men have a naturally lower testosterone production and others may suffer from low testosterone due to some sickness or a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Being sedentary and eating unhealthy are factors that can easily case a decline in testosterone but also age is a big factor because it is proven and known that after the age of 30, roughly, the production of testosterone in men begins to drop. It is not very significant, you don’t experience a dramatic drop however as you age, you have less and less testosterone.

Older men may experience and often do experience a lack of sexual drive also known as libido, they may not be able to get an erection, they may feel tired and out of energy and naturally it is much harder after a certain age to gain muscle even if you eat well and workout, because of a lack of testosterone but also other factors involved in muscle growth.


Spartagen XT is a dietary supplement that claims to help with boosting the testosterone production. It is not clinically proven to work and lacks any credibility so does it work and should you buy it? I am here to help you if you’re thinking of making a decision. Even though it has no clinical trial, by looking at the label we can observe its formula and the ingredients as well as doses. There are studies made on these ingredients and online you can find if they can work and in what doses they work best.

For example, but superb is there, also known as maca root. It is in SpartagenXT because some believe it helps promote an erection. Is there proof of this? Well actually in studies it has failed to promote an erection and it is thus unproven to work. There is too little evidence to support these claims and furthermore, we don’t know what dose is used for this ingredient since only the quantity of the blend is given by Spartagen XT.


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