12 Benefits of Pantothenic Acid


This water-soluble vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is present in all living cells. It has many important roles within the body, by turning nutrients into energy and lowering the bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It also regulates blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of nerve damage and heart problems.

Pantothenic acid is responsible for synthesizing fats, carbohydrates, and hormones. It ensures a healthy metabolism by converting foods into energy boosts. Besides, it helps the neurotransmitters found in the brain to send chemical signals throughout our body.

Vitamin B5 can be found in many and various foods like animal products, vegetables, and fruits, or seeds, so a deficiency is rarely seen nowadays.

What are the symptoms of a pantothenic acid deficiency?

A higher deficiency risk poses women on birth control, alcoholics, people who due to certain disorders have problems with the absorption of nutrients.

Although is mostly encountered in malnourished people, signs may be stomach pains accompanied by vomiting, a general state of irritability, depression, and sometimes fatigue. Also, respiratory infections, muscle cramps or insomnia might be symptoms of a vitamin B5 deficiency.

Attributes of vitamin B5

1.Syntesizes cholesterol and prevents plaque deposits along the arteries.

2.Enhances hemoglobin levels besides creating red blood cells responsible for delivering oxygen.

3.Helps vitamin B2 and other vitamins to be processed by the organism, and thus prevents anemia.

4.Lowers bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol levels, as long with reducing triglyceride numbers which prevent cardiovascular and heart diseases.

5.Metabolizes ailments and turns them into energy. By transforming carbs into glucose and synthesizing coenzyme-A, pantothenic acid is responsible for proteins and fats metabolism.

6.Creates acetylcholine which is a molecule that keeps the nervous system working properly. Without it, the nervous system wouldn’t be able to transport information throughout our body.

7.Enhances mental performance. Balancing hormones, vitamin B5 ensures that we don’t have to deal with anxiety, depression or heightened levels of stress.

8.Fights fatigue and maintains energy levels high so we don’t experience mood swings, sleeping disorders and weight or loss gain.

9.Reduces stress due to the fact that this vitamin regulates adrenal function. This helps us better cope with stressful problems by keeping under control cortisol levels known as being a stress hormone.

10.Prevents wrinkles and is beneficial in radiation therapy. Pantothenic acid accelerates the healing process and determines cellular multiplication

11.Inhibits bacteria and helps our body fight infections and parasites due to antibodies.

12.Clears the skin and eliminates acne. Having anti-inflammatory properties, this vitamin will diminish swelling and a vitamin B5 supplement will help cleanse your complexion.

Side effects and interactions of pantothenic acid

-diarrhea, or an increased risk of bleeding

-pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t take higher dosages of vitamin B5

-might interfere with antibiotic absorption

Foods rich in pantothenic acid

  • Beef liver: 4,8 mg
  • Sunflower seeds: 2,0 mg
  • Avocado : 2,0 mg
  • Portabella mushrooms: 1,5 mg
  • Duck : 1,5 mg
  • Eggs: 1,5 mg
  • Broccoli : 1,0 mg
  • Yogurt : 1,0 mg

Before taking any Pantothenic Acid supplements, consult your physician and try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet in order to avoid any type of deficiencies.


Green Tea Extract Benefits

green powder forming cup shape surface close up isolated on white background

5 Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, also known as catechins. They help the body by offering support to the immunity system, cardiovascular system and also by lowering the fat levels in the entire body.

Different epidemiological studies show that the regular ingestion of green teas has a beneficial effect on the overall health. This tea can suppress cancer, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease or increase the memory. Although it’s an acquired taste and some people can’t get used to it, green tea also comes in the form of green tea extract. This extract can be taken as a pill and with the same health benefits.

These are some uses for the green tea extract!

Increases weight loss

Studies prove that green tea increases your metabolism which helps you body burn fat faster. The catechins found in the green tea extract will help your organism burn fat more quickly and thus enhance the fat loss.

The green tea extract can regulate blood sugar levels. A high sugar level will determine the organism to store the fat instead of transforming it into energy.

By inhibiting a digestive enzyme called amylase, green tea will keep under control the blood sugar level and help you burn more calories.

Enhances longevity

A Japanese study shows that people who consume daily green tea are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease or for the matter, any disease. An intake of 5 cups or green tea per day will keep the organism strong, healthy and will prolong the life expectancy.

Regulates glucose levels

The organism of a type-1 diabetic doesn’t produce enough insulin, a substance that helps the body transform the glucose and food into energy. Green tea can improve this aspect by regulating the glucose levels.

A few clinical studies show that a supplement of green tea extract powder can lower hemoglobin A1c at patients with borderline diabetes.

Prevents heart disease

The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology published in 2009 a study that attests to the fact that catechins prevent the build-up of arterial plaque and the hardening of arteries.

Green tea catechins will protect you from heart disease, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, strokes and lower your blood pressure.

Alleviates joint pains

Having anti-inflammatory properties, the catechins can reduce pain due to arthritis or another disease that affects the joints. Green tea acts as an efficient anti-inflammatory agent which decreases de inflammation that leads to joint pains.

Catechins also have a beneficial effect on slowing down the cartilage breakdown process.

Possible risks associated with green tea extract

Supplements of green tea extract can contain various active substances which can interact badly with different treatments or prescriptions.

Green tea supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Thus, they can include a variety of substances that are not safe for the body.

The green tea extract is not recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women,  people who have liver or kidney problems, anxiety disorder or ulcers.

Remember to always consult a specialist before taking any kind of natural remedy.