VitaPulse Reviews: Vitamin Supplement – Does it Work?


Vitamin Supplements is huge worldwide. Most of us take natural vitamins now or have taken natural vitamins in the past. The US ranks top in nutritional supplementation globally. 18.9% of People in America had taken at least one vitamin in 2004. Over 100 million People in America use mineral and vitamin supplements every day. The global market has become a multi-billion dollar industry and the vitamin sector is growing the fastest.

Over time, more and more reviews on the advantages of natural nutritional supplements have emerged, ranging from heart good things about melanoma protection. This is mainly due to the antioxidants of VitaPulse that can protect us from oxidative stress. As a result, researchers has been performed to confirm these reviews. Some of the latest research summarized below reveal amazing results, to say the least.

In a more recent review paper, the same scientists performed another meta-analysis of more information from several medical types of research, this time involving over 200,000 people who are healthy as well as those with existing wellness issues.


The scientists only considered research, which compared the effectiveness of antioxidant supplements against placebos in the main and additional protection against different health circumstances. The writers revealed that they “found no proof to support anti-oxidant supplements for main or additional protection. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E may increase the death rate.”

Another meta-analysis investigated the anti-cancer qualities of anti-oxidant supplements, particularly against digestive malignancies. They looked at information on tests, which studied beta-carotene, VitaPulse. The writers concluded, “We could not find convincing proof that antioxidant supplements prevent digestive malignancies.”

One of the most recent developments in supplements research is the long-term SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial) research of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The research analyzed the effectiveness of selenium and Vitamin E in preventing prostate melanoma and enrolled 35,000 male members in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


The members were randomly sent to one of 3 groups: team 1 were given vitamin E supplements only, team 2 were given only selenium, team 3 took both supplements in combination, and team 4 were given placebos only. 5 decades of the research, the NCI decided to stop the test because of some “concern” results, namely:

The Females Health Initiative Calcium/Vitamin D Trial analyzed the effects of vitamin D and supplements on high blood pressure and threat for high blood pressure threat of 36,252 healthy postmenopausal females. The females were allocated into two groups: one team received a daily vitamin of 1000 mg of calcium mineral plus 400 IU of vitamin D3 daily. T

his other team received placebo only. The scientists revealed, “in postmenopausal females, calcium mineral plus vitamin D3 supplementation did not reduce either high blood pressure or the possibility of creating high blood pressure over Seven a lot of follow-ups.”



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