Beverly Hills MD Reviews and News


Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream is a new product that promises a great benefit for your skin. It offers your skin elasticity, suppleness and in this way, it will look healthier and younger. The item is formulated with a high-quality complex of natural ingredients and also natural components of the skin, which are claimed to make your skin look firmer, support structure by enhancing the collagen production and stimulates the renew of the cells.

The ingredients that help you in such a spectacular change are: Progeline, this defend the skin by accumulating toxins which can harm collagen and elastin; caviar extract, which  accelerate the production of the new skin cells and also the production of the collagen; Liftessence which offer a lifting effect by putting tension on the surface of the skin; Idealift “Anti-Gravity Technology” which uses natural components of the skin such as peptides and collagen to improve the skin overall look and to sustain the architecture of it; Sculptessence, which is extracted from flax seeds and allowed you to enjoy a firmer and younger skin and this for a long period of time; silk peptides, which keep your skin hydrated and elastic.


As you can see, Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream is formulated with great ingredients that offer you protection and stimulates the cells of the skin. For understand exactly how great they are and how they function we can take a closer look.

Progeline contains among others glycerin, dextran, and water. Dextran and glycerin are well known to have tremendous moisturizing effects and are usually used for dry types of skin. The mature skin, losing it’s collagen with aging, become drier gaining an older look. Progeline wants to prevent this, offering a great moisturizing effect.

Liftessence and Sculptessence contain among others water, flax seed extract, and glycerin, also a powerful moisturizing component. Idealift was slowed to furnish a firmer skin by enhancing the production of fibroblasts, a type of cell that produces the collagen and the matrix of the skin, with a major effect in healing the wounds.

Caviar Extract, although it is not for sure, it is considered helping in the making process of new cells and also in the production of the collagen. Silk peptides are natural components of the skin containing amino acids, offering protection and elasticity.

If you want a quality anti-aging product and you are not intro your 20’ Beverly Hills MD Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream might be a good choice. The item claims to offer beautiful and long lasting results for the skin affected by the aging repercussions. It is true that you have to embrace the process of getting older and feel good in your own skin, but it is nothing bad in using a cream to make your skin healthier.




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