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Health supplements are evolving each day and scientists are making new discoveries that can improve our health and our physical or mental performance, that can offer us better protection from health problems and illnesses and that can prevent them from happening or treat these problems. Probiotic supplements are the newest type of supplements and everyone’s using them right now, but in this article i’m not going to talk about probiotic supplements, but about another dietary supplement that does contain probiotic bacteria and a few similarities, as in similar benefits to a probiotic but also to other health supplements out there. Let me introduce you to Athletic Greens, which if you haven’t heard of it yet, you would have even if i wouldn’t have made this article, since it is definitely growing in popularity. Athletic Greens is what you’d call a hybrid, a mix of supplements i guess.


It offers its users multiple organic fruits, vegetables, algae as well as digestive enzymes and strains of probiotic bacteria and offers health benefits such as more energy, an improved immune system and a better digestive system as well as more antioxidants in the body from its ingredients and multiple minerals and vitamins that can provide better mental as well as physical performance because they are important for multiple brain as well as other bodily functions. Athletic Greens does not contain any sort of artificial ingredients, neither will you find any lactose, dextrose or sucrose in this supplement. It offers about 2 grams of dietary fiber per serving, which is known to be helpful with losing weight and supressing your appetite since it can bulk up the stomach and trick the body into thinking you’ve had enough to eat and you’re not hungry.
You will also find vitamin A as well as B1 and B2, C, E, K2, B6 and more, while also containing Calcium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Chromium, Magnesium and multiple others.

All of these ingredients or nutrients come with various health benefits and your body needs them to function properly and to maintain good health. Athletic Greens basically improves your nutrition and your overall health through supplying you with these many nutrients while also improving your ability to digest and absorb them and boosting the immune system. It is also important to mention that it also contains green tea, broccoli powder, spinach powder and multiple other such natural extracts that can help with supressing the appetite since they are rich with dietary fiber but also can enhance your metabolism to burn more fat, while decreasing your calorie in-take.
For more information on this supplement, please visit the official Athletic Greens website.



How to choose the right probiotic


First of all, before i begin talking about how probiotic supplements work and what benefits they offer and so on, let’s talk about wether you need to use one or not.
In the end, that is for you to decide, and everyone can benefit from using a probiotic supplement, but some people can benefit more than others, specifically people suffering from the problems that probiotic supplements can fix / treat. Probiotic bacteria in these supplements help fight bacterial infections, but i do recommend consulting your medic before using one, in case you’ve never used one before, just to be safe.


THey are healthy and natural, don’t get me wrong, but it’s never really recommended to take supplements or any drugs on your own, without consulting your medic. Some people use supplements and then get rashes because of allergies and whatnot, so it’s always better to be safe, than to be sorry.A probiotic supplement can treat and prevent a cold or flu, because they strenghten the immune system. They can help with digestive problems like constipation, indigestion and diarrhea as well as bloating and others. So if you’re having such issues, definitely use a probiotic supplement, it can definitely help, and if not, you can still use it because it helps your health, not just the immune system but also digestion and nutrition.


The one that i recommend for you is Keybiotics from Whole Body Research, because it has quality and also affordability, it has very good value for what benefits it offers and for its price, it has a good balance.
Keybiotics from Whole Body Research contains 37.5 billion colony forming units and fourteen bacteria strains. These fourteen come from Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.
Keybiotics from Whole Body Research costs $40 and you’ll also get a money-back guarantee which lasts for 90 days.

You may have heard from different sources that probiotics are similar to antibiotics. I would definitely consult a medic before choosing to use one over the other, depending on how serious your problem / infection is. But it is true that antibiotics create problems with the colonies of probiotic bacteria in the body, and to deal with those problems, a probiotic supplement can be the way to go.

I would also advise adding yogurt to your diet after an antibiotic treatment or if you’re having digestive issues, because yogurt also contains probiotic bacteria in it, as well as prebiotics to feed the bacteria and help colonization.


Beverly Hills Dark Spot Corrector Review


Today’s topic will be dark spots on the skin. I actually have dark spots, i’ve had them since i was a kid, i’ve had numerous problems with my skin because of my very sensitive skin type and my dietary habits. What causes dark spots on skin? SPecialists say that they can be triggered by skin trauma, which is not as bad as it sounds. Skin trauma refers to skin problems that you’ve suffered which can, in turn, cause other problems like dark spots. For example a person that has had acnee problems, can also develop dark spots. Furthermore sun exposure, especially without sunscreen protection, can cause dark spots because of the ultraviolet lights from the sun.

An obvious problem is, in some people, melanin production which can sort of “malfunction” and cause not just problems like dark spots but even parts of the body that have a different colour, such as white portions of skin in darker skinned people or even in white people that look extremely pale. Melanin is a chemical that is important for not just skin but also hair, nails, etc. There are different types and names depending on what we are talking about, wether it is skin, hair, etc. Melanin gives our skin and hair the colour that is different in some people, blond, brunette, etc. Black people have much more melanin in their bodies which give their skin that brown colour, and people with blonde hair have less melanin in their bodies while people with darker hair have more.


Well, in this article i am recommending Dark Spot Corrector from Beverly Hills for all those of you that want to get rid of your dark spots, wether they are on your face or anywhere else on the body. It is a cream that is made with natural ingredients and that improves and balances out your skin tone, stimulates melanin production, improves the protection of your skin against factors that would harm it, such as enviromental and it is formulated to not be harsh on skin. It can be used on sensitive skin, acnee-prone skin, oily skin, etc.
You should try to avoid the area around the eyes though because it is much more sensitive and thinner than other areas of the body.
Beverly Hills MD’s Dark Spot Corrector also comes with a money-back guarantee which lasts 60 days so it’s more than enough to try it and see if you like it.

For more information about Dark Spot Corrector, or if you would like to order it, visit the official website.


What Are Probiotics?


Before i start the review, i have to make a short introduction to probiotics. I am sorry for those that know about them, but there are still people that don’t or that are perhaps a bit confused and an introduction would help.
So, probiotics generally referrs to probiotic supplements which contain probiotic bacteria and are supplements that aim to improve the immune and digestive systems, to support them and offer you better protection against infections as well as better nutrition. For example in the winter, when a lot of people get sick, get throat pain/infections, colds, flus and so on, or even in other seasons, peopel suffering from bacterial infections and even allergies, probiotic bacteria can help because they can act similarly to how antibiotics act, in fighting together with your immune system against bacteria and against the infections that they cause, working to also treat such health problems and keeping such harmful microorganisms at bay.

Nucific Bio X4 is the probiotic supplement that i want to present to you today, and that i also recommend that you use because it comes with a money-back guarantee, it comes from a respectable company, it comes at an affordable price and it has lots of positive reviews and user feedback. It has lots of positive points and it is a quality supplement overall. Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America offers 37.5 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria and they are separated into fourteen different strains, coming from the genus Lactobacillus as well as the genus Bifidobacterium.
Just so you guys know, when looking for a good probiotic, you should always check its bacterial strains. In general, the ones that have a higher number of probiotic strains of bacteria should be healthier because the more strains a supplement has, the healthier it should be, since each strain bring a health benefit or multiple, to the table.

If you want to understand it better, you should think of probiotic bacterial strains as neurotransmitters in the brain. They all come from the brain, like all bacteria come from a certain genus, but each neurotransmitter, or bacterial strain in this case, is different and can have different qualities. One neurotransmitter can have influence or effect over your sleep or appetite, another over a cognitive function or multiple, and so is the case with probiotic bacterial strains. Overall, the probiotic strains in Keybiotics by Whole Body Research help with diarrhea, bloating, they strenghten the immune system, they help process foods, they decrease fatigue, etc.
For more info on probiotics , please check out their official website and order it.


NooCube Ingredients


NooCube defines itself as a “synergistic mixture of nootropics” that improves your mental speed, attention, and memory. Find out if it works nowadays in our NooCube review.

What is NooCube?

NooCube is a nutritious supplement that assurances to increase your cognition plus focus. By taking two tablets of the supplement every day, you can purportedly relish short-term and long-term mental benefits.

Other assurances made by NooCube comprise no caffeine, no gluten, in addition to no genetically altered ingredients. So how precisely does this nootropic work? Let us find out.


How Does NooCube Work?

NooCube’s formula contains of seven active elements. Those ingredients comprise all of the following:

Alpha GPC: Abridged to Alpha GPC, Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine has been displayed to raise heights of acetylcholine inside the brain. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is mainly accountable for creating new memories. In one study issued in 2013, Alzheimer’s patients who received Alpha GP3 3 times per day for 180 days reliably improved their mental function test scores related to those who did not take Alpha GPC.

Huperzine A: Another prevalent nootropic element, Huperzine A is extracted from a kind of Chinese moss. It stops the collapse of acetylcholine by targeting something named acetylcholinesterase.

Cat’s Claw: Cat’s claw derives from a vine found in the Amazon forest. It’s ironic with antioxidants and can aid repair the body’s ecological stress. One study revealed Cat’s Claw ruined diverse types of free radicals inside the body and it has been studied as a probable treatment alongside Parkinson’s disease.

Bacopa Monnieri: Similar many nootropics, NooCube comprises Bacopa monnieri, which is an antique Indian (Ayurvedic) herbal treatment that might have a defensive effect on neurons inside your body.

Oat Straw: Oat straw is an element that originates from wild green oats as well as has been used as a folk medication for centuries – mainly in primitive Europe. Oat straw is thought to work by growing alpha-2 wave action in the brain by growing blood flow.

L-Theanine as well as L-Tyrosine: L-Theanine is a compound found in green tea as well as black tea, whereas L-Tyrosine is frequently paired with L-Theanine to increase its effects. These amino acids have been observed to aid boost cognitive aptitude in many studies.


Eventually, NooCube backs up all 7 elements in the formula with actual scientific proof supporting their aids. Several of the natural elements – similar Cat’s Claw – have less noteworthy proof than the renowned nootropics – like Alpha GPC plus L-Theanine – however all of these elements have at least several intendent scientific proof supporting their profits.



Athletic Greens Ingredients


If you want to have a healthy and strong body all of the time you really need to be careful with what and how you eat. But most of us don’t invest that much in this aspect. And if we do this we often risk of getting certain unpleasant surprises. One of the best ways to keep a healthy body at the moment is by using certain supplements that offer you what you need. One that is very effective is Athletic Green because its entirely natural that has a special formula.

More about Athletic Greens

It has been made in order to offer our body essential nutrients. It increases our energy and boosts in the same time the immune system. This means that you get the most out of it and you do this with only natural ingredients.


What are the ingredients of Athletic Greens?

This supplement has more than 70 ingredients in its composition. If you truly want to want to know all of them you can check their official website but here are some details regarding the main ones. Nutrient Dense Greens are extracted entirely from organic products and the aim of this supplement was to keep their molecular structure intact.

What does it do?

Well the main aim of Athletic Greens is to help our body clean the digestive system. This means we improve our digestion and it will work faster so food will not stay in our stomach for a long period of time. All the nutrients get absorbed in the body much faster and this leads to an increase of our energy levels.

Why is Athletic Greens Different?

If we compare it with other kind of supplements you can surely see that this one has a better quality when it comes to the way its ingredients have been made and what they can do for us. Having also very rare ingredients like papaya that can’t be found that easily in other ones is another sign that Athletic Greens has been made to really help us out.

What is the taste?

Thinking that it has more than 70 ingredients you really don’t know what kind of taste to expect. Don’t you worry Athletic Greens is really tasty and this is because of the chocolate additions. It makes it really tolerable for all clients that don’t really like strange tastes.

Where can I shop it?

Check their official website if you want to find our more information and start your journey towards a healthier body with Athletic Greens.




Nucific Digestive Enzymes Reviews


When we follow a diet we need to make sure that we really don’t skip any step. Because once we do that we risk in losing all that we have accomplished before. Indeed it’s really not something easy to do and if we don’t stay motivated we might risk of losing all. But what happens when we do the routine perfectly and still don’t get the results that we want. Well, this means that something is not working from the inside. The digestive system might not get all from the nutrition that we have. Nucific Digest is a blend full of enzymes that support our digestive system in order to get all benefits from our food.

How does Nucific Digest work?

To get straight to the subject it works by breaking down our food and this means that we can absorb more nutrients from it. Also what we eat will be easier transformed into energy instead of fat. Nucific Digest also increases or focus capacity and helps the immune system.


What are the ingredients inside Nucific Digest?

Nucific Digest contains a number of 16 ingredients. They all play an important part. For example, Lipase breaks down fat, Cellulase helps to get the nutrients from fruits or vegetables. All ingredients have been carefully extracted in this mix in order to assure that our digestive system really gets all from the food that we eat.

How do I take Nucific Digest?

Well, the daily dose recommended is to take 1-2 capsules after each meal. This means that if you take 3 meals per day a total of 6 doses is recommended. So don’t forget that only after a meal it should be taken and more than that don’t mix it with any other pills. You might consider seeing a doctor prior to taking it if you want to see what an expert has to say.

Where can I buy Nucific Digest?

You won’t find this supplement in retail. The only available place at the moment is in the online environment on their official website. You will get there the best price and more than that certain discounts are available from time to time. The principle is that if you buy a larger quantity you get a certain discount. Also, another interesting thing is that you get a 90-day money back guarantee option that you can try if you see no results appearing. This means no questions are asked and you get your money back. But first, try Nucific Digest and see what it can do for you.