Pure Colon Detox Review – Rejuvenate and Purify Your Body


“Colon cleansing” has no scientific basis. Doctors at Georgetown University conducted a meta-analysis in 2011 comprehensive medical literature and did not identify any scientific evidence to support the idea of ​​”detoxifying the colon”. The idea that there are many toxins in the colon comes from antiquity seems somewhat logical, if we consider the substances out of the colon. But, as in the case of liver, the colon does not accumulate toxins. Pure colon detox is a natural supplement which will eliminate waste of toxins from our body. Any gastroenterologist will tell you that the faces do not remain stuck in the colon, because this organ is too moist and flexible to allow for this. This eliminates two arguments elementary biology offered by those who promote “colon cleansing” – that fecal matter toxins in the body and keep it blocks the absorption of nutrient substances (something that happens actually in the small intestine). If fecal matter in the colon does not remain blocked, there is no reason that toxins remain blocked here. Moreover, “colon cleansing” could have adverse consequences. This habit could lead to beneficial bacteria in the colon cleaning helps in digestion. Moreover, through regular cleaning, colon and rectum may lose their ability to generate bowel so that the patient is likely to become addicted to enemas. The most common side effects of “colon cleansing” are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Depending on the substance used to “cleanse” and the amount of water, the patients may suffer a dramatic loss of electrolytes in the body. The medical literature documents the occurrence of cases of kidney failure and liver, rectal perforations, blood infections and dysentery even after these “detox cure”.

Detoxification and fat cells

Another detoxification method is based on an empty stomach, the consumption of beverages and herbal solutions or adoption of a raw diet. In short; there is no food or plant that magically eliminates toxins from the blood and organs. Toxins have many chemical forms, and there is no reason why a plant can identify and extract all the harmful elements in the body, to leave behind all that is good. Raw vegan diet, which many people believe is “detoxifying”, offers an instructive example. This diet would suggest that all species that eat raw vegan – cows, rabbits etc. – Would be free from toxins. However, those animals’ toxins present as many people. Moreover, some people who have adopted a vegan diet have concerns about the toxins in beef and milk. The logical argument is that fasting helps you burn fat cells, which contain toxins. However, the body fat burning of fat cells, the cell itself is not. The cells shrink in size, do not disappear. If they disappear, as happens in cases of extreme starvation, doctors do not know exactly what would happen with toxins within them. Most likely, the toxins would not simply disappear from the body, but it goes through the liver. It is possible that a sudden release of toxins slowly over the years and stored in fat cells to overburden the liver, causing serious problems.

Reducing the accumulation of toxins – the best solution

The best advice to reduce the amount of toxins in the body is to reduce exposure to toxins (smoking, urban pollution, consumption of unnecessary drugs), eating a healthy diet and maintaining a sufficient amount of fluids to allow the kidneys, liver and sweat glands to fulfill the task to eliminate as many toxins as possible.


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