Nucific BIO X4 Reviews


Bio X4 – Get Solid Assimilation and a Thin, Trim Body

A poor digestive well being and a fat, unfortunate body can without much of a stretch take a toll on your well being, and can make you feel tired and to a great degree sick. In the event that I discuss myself, I was not in the best of my well being, truth be told, the issue of acid re-flux and weight addition was making my life hopeless. There were a considerable measure of things that I attempted on a great deal individuals’ proposal, yet the issue was still there. I needed something regular and powerful, and discovered Nucific BIO X4. This is an incredible dietary supplement that attempts to give you an astounding digestive bolster and guarantees you of weight reduction. Perused this survey to get definite data…

Bio x4 bottle or Bio X4 – In a word

This is a probiotic supplement, which is made to encourage and help in giving you sound weight reduction process and keeping up your digestive wellbeing. It is clinically tried and endorsed by the understood specialists, which demonstrates the security and viability of the arrangement. The equation serves to mend the issue of a poor colon framework, helps you get more fit normally, and enhances your insusceptible framework. Accessible as pills, this is by a long shot the best dietary supplement one can trust and utilization.

What Are Bio X4 Fixings?

Its regular and effective fixings make Bio X4 more proficient from others. More common fixings reflect more effectiveness of a supplement. Hence, it contains 100% characteristic and finest quality fixings that are demonstrated safe for utilization. It is a much suggested supplement by understood by specialists. Just investigative sanction fixings are included this supplement. This capable mix is a super effective equation that contains:

  • Digestive Protein – They help you accomplish most extreme supplements in each sustenance admission
  • EGCG – It was taken out from the Green Tea Remove and is compelling in boosting your digestion system rate
  • 39 Billion Province – This is a shaping unit of probiotic that gives you gut microscopic organisms, at last enhancing your digestive tract
  • 5 HTP – It is successful in smothering your appetite and has a disposition directing force. Additionally, it bails you leave your issues like dejection or fibromyalgia

Does Bio X4 Work?

This is an awesome supplement that attempts to expand your digestion system level and guarantees you of a sound weight reduction. It attempts to advance the sound resistant framework in your body furthermore serves to keep up your thin, trim and solid figure. This arrangement conveys the crucial supplements and helps you look and feel invigorated for the duration of the day. It further fills your body with heaps of vitality and quality that will lead you towards a sound and fit way of life. Not just this, it purifies your colon from unsafe microscopic organisms and poisons, and additionally, keeps up the best possible working of your digestive tract. By making utilization of this arrangement, one can without much of a stretch turn out to be spotless from inside and can keep up their superbly conditioned body. Along these lines, snatch your container now, begin utilizing it, and be prepared to encounter the outcomes!

What Makes It Important?

Till the time your body contains vital supplements, it lives up to expectations at its crest proficiency. When your body begins without those supplements, your body gets an undesirable working. Performing workouts and activities are without a doubt sound for your body. However, when you fight for weight reduction, you bring down your nourishment consumption. Thus, your body doesn’t get the key supplements that are essential for its working. Going for a long, intense workout may be unrealistic for everybody. Here, Bio X4 is useful in improving your nutritious eating regimen admission. This supplement has been detailed remembering its characteristic conduct and security. This confirmation is deficient in different supplements that don’t consider security over results. This makes Bio X4 basically the best from the rest. Furthermore, that is the reason I prescribe this supplement to every one of you.

Recommended Dosage

Bio X4 ought to be taken three times each day with your breakfast, lunch and supper. Devour the pills with a full glass of water without missing a day to accomplish the best and enduring results. With its customary utilization, you can really get the opportunity to see the ideal results with no bothers. Additionally, on the off chance that you need to support your outcomes, get some sound changes you’re normal, for case, drink more water, eat solid sustenance and attempt to stay positive.

Nucific bio x4 – Reactions

Bio X4 is completely protected and compelling to utilize. It contains no included chemicals or additives that make it free from reactions. With its consistent and fitting utilization, one can really accomplish the fancied results with no bothers.

Arrive Any Focal points?

This supplement is powerful in giving you advantages with no bargains. It focuses in evacuating the reason for undesirable fat, furnishing you with a solid, fit body. Know the advantages that are prone to approach you with its utilization:

  • Enhanced digestive tract
  • Gives you a characteristic weight reduction
  • Smolders your fat cells
  • Controls more fat cell from delivering
  • Expanded metabolic rate
  • Gives all of you fundamental supplements
  • Spares you from anxiety eating
  • Directs your emotional episodes
  • Stimulate and rejuvenate your body inside
  • Enhanced insusceptibility framework
  • Makes you solid inside, where results are noticeable remotely
  • Gives you characteristic and durable results
  • It is a 100% characteristic arrangement
  • It is a clinically suggested supplement
  • Free from symptoms


  • Can be bought just online
  • Overdose can be hurtful
  • Not for under 18 and minors
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Things You Ought to Know



Probiotic America Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?


Michelle Klawiter was nine days into a course of anti-toxins for a sinus contamination when the gut torment hit. Bleeding looseness of the bowels immediately took after. Taking anti-toxins can open door for pathogens to attack the body, obliging probiotics to help wellbeing. One of the best product that you can find in drugstores is Perfect Biotics – Probiotic America.

Taking anti-microbial, can open door for pathogens to attack the body, obliging probiotics to support wellbeing. The 42-year-old secretary and mother of three in Chandler, Arizona, had built up a frightful intestinal contamination, the kind that occasionally happens when anti-infection agents slaughter your body’s great microorganisms alongside the awful and bring down your barriers to different trespassers.

Specialists recommended a progression of progressively intense anti-microbial to attempt to thump out the new awful bug, Clostridium difficult (C. diff), yet nothing met expectations. Her tummy inconveniences transformed into anti-toxin related colon irritation. Also, even following three months, “infrequently the agony and cramping was so awful I thought I would go out,” Klawiter said. Having lost 20 pounds and feeling not able to adapt at her employment in a little office with two bathrooms, she quit. The bad dream finished strictly when Klawiter attempted a probiotic that her gastroenterologist had perused was successful against C. diff. Klawiter discovered the over-the-counter item, called Florastor, at her drugstore.


“Inside of a week,” she reviewed, “I was eating ordinarily once more.”

Researchers have known for quite a long time that probiotics can help your wellbeing. That is the reason yogurt’s “dynamic societies,” or great bugs, are touted so frequently. What’s more, now these bugs can be found in grain, cheddar, vitality bars, soup, and an abundance of different items topping off basic supply and drug store racks. Their marks guarantee everything from less tummy yearns to quicker frosty and influenza recuperation.

Be that as it may, probiotics aren’t all made equivalent, said College of Western Ontario microbiologist Gregor Reid who has mulled over them. The strain that helped Klawiter – Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii – most likely won’t do a thing for skin inflammation, and the other way around, studies show. Truth be told, Klawiter had a go at eating more yogurt and popping nonspecific probiotic supplements, including acidophilus. Still her condition declined on the grounds that she wasn’t utilizing the right sort of probiotics. In any case, how would you choose which one to take? This is what you have to know.

The “counter anti-microbial” probiotic

In a sound body, trillions of microscopic organisms colonize the skin, mouth, digestion systems, and genital tract.

“They make an incredible showing battling off sickness bringing about microorganisms attempting to pick up section,” said College of Washington disease transmission specialist Lynne McFarland, PhD, the co-creator of The Force of Probiotics. “In any case, taking anti-toxins can open up a window of chance for pathogens to move in.”

Alleged anti-infection related looseness of the bowels, as Klawiter had, is an excellent case, with C. diff being the most widely recognized offender. Luckily, three particular probiotic strains (S. cerevisiae boulardii, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, and Bacillus coagulants GBI-30) can diminish disease danger while you’re taking anti-toxins and soon after. That is the powerless period. Scientists don’t know precisely how these great bugs do their thing; some trust they might basically overwhelm the intruders.

The “get well down there” probiotic

Notwithstanding when you’re impeccably hygienic, intestinal bugs can stray into your vagina and urinary tract. A sound vagina is home to microscopic organisms that repulse these microorganisms. Lamentably, anti-microbial, douches, and spermicides can bring down the levels of defensive microscopic organisms. Arrangement: Here and there a day, take cases of L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14, which achieve the vagina by means of the intestinal tract (simply like the bugs they have been demonstrated to repulse).

Once there, they muscle out the issue bugs connected with bacterial vaginitis (BV), urinary diseases, and even yeast. In an investigation of 40 ladies with BV, two every day cases containing these probiotics worked superior to anything standard treatment with medicine metronidazole gel. In another investigation of 100 or more ladies, adding these probiotics to standard metronidazole treatment dramatically multiplied the cure rate- – from 40 to 88 percent.

The “help your resistance” probiotic

Lab studies demonstrate that numerous probiotics have fortifying consequences for the safe framework. In principle, this ought to expand a man’s imperviousness to illness. In any case, just a couple strains, similar to L. casei DN-114001, L. rhamnosus GG, and L. acidophilus NCFM, appear to diminish the recurrence and seriousness of diseases like winter colds. In a study with 360 individuals over age 60, day by day utilization of L. casei DN-114001 cut the term of respiratory contaminations by a one and a half days and the seriousness by 20 percent. Herbs that fortify, empower, and beat anxiety

Essentially, in a study with 571 children in day care, L. rhamnosus GG diminished both stay-at-home debilitated days and the quantity of contaminations sufficiently genuine to oblige anti-infection agents. Also, in a winter investigation of more than 200 preschoolers, the third strain (L. acidophilus NCFM) diminished the rate of fever by 48 percent, hack by 42 percent and anti-infection use by 68 percent. Scientists think comparative advantages may be appreciated by all age bunches.

Visit , your association for better living!

BioMerch – Testosterone Booster Reviews


Testosterone is a very important hormone, especially in the world of bodybuilding, and those who want to look better, to be stronger and better trained. Globally, the population suffers from a severe drop in testosterone levels, especially in the civilized world, due to diet and lifestyle, plus pollution and chemicals used. BioMerch Testosterone Booster will improve your muscle mass and also your libido and sexual performance.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve their own production of testosterone, without using injectable testosterone or other drugs. All methods provided in this article are perfectly accessible to everyone, and will give guaranteed results.

To give you an idea about the importance of testosterone:

  • Pre-workout testosterone levels determine what weights you can use basic exercises such as squats on or pushed in a horizontal dumbbell.
  • Athletes with higher levels of testosterone before a race have a better chance of winning
  • A person close to the limit testosterone levels up quickly develops muscle strength.
  • After age 30, men have to deal actively regulate testosterone levels because fulminant start to decline.

Regardless of why you want to raise your testosterone levels, here are 10 steps to do that.

  1. Lift weights, do sprints

Exercise will raise testosterone levels if you are deficient. Strength training and sprints are recognized for raising levels of testosterone, and other hormones beneficial tissue repair. It is beneficial because these hormones and can enhance mood workout naturally lift more weight, improving workouts.

The most effective workout for promoting testosterone is weight training. Use basic exercises, squats, dumbbell pushed Redressing, tractors, etc. Try to build muscle by using a large volume, but some heavy.

Try sprints or high intensity workouts (like strongman) made several times a week, training with weights. Do exercises that push you beyond the lactic (you feel the muscle burn), being the most effective in the release of testosterone. In addition, lead and increasing enzymes and proteins involved in energy use in the body.

  1. Follow a diet low in carbohydrates, high in fat and whole foods

Take care to put in your mouth that is the second line of defense against low testosterone levels.

First, removing dietary fat or fat intake should not prejudice the hormonal balance that the cholesterol content of fat is used in the manufacture of hormones. Very low fat diets lead to decreased testosterone levels in men.

Secondly, try to eat more fruits and vegetables daily. They bring an important contribution of nutrients that are used to create enzymes that boost the immune system. This strengthening reduces inflammation in the body, especially in organs that produce hormones and body’s ability to produce testosterone is increased.

Thirdly remove any sugar and avoid high glycemic index foods, such as bread or cereals. Every time you eat bread or starch, insulin is released, which triggers the aromatase, which leads to two things:

Testosterone is converted into estrogen;

Another hormone (SHBG) binds to testosterone and renders it inactive;

To not have such problems, eliminate processed foods, and build your diet around whole meats, dairy, eggs, nuts and plants.

Fats take them in olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, almonds, peanuts, animal products, fish and seafood. Watch the balance between omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 vegetable oils.

  1. Eat a large variety of animal proteins, favoring those of water

Animal proteins that maintain testosterone production in vitamins and nutrients provide the most easily digestible form. For example, zinc, nutrients that testosterone influences most, is very abundant in seafood. Zinc plant sources contain physic acid, which can stop the absorption of zinc and iron. Vegetarians tend to have lower levels of zinc and iron because physic acid consumed in large quantities.

In addition to providing the best sources of zinc, animal sources of protein and fish have anti-inflammatory and nutrients like selenium, copper and vitamin D.

Try to eat as many sources of animal protein: seafood, fish, eggs and beef. Eat occasionally and organs (such as liver) and should be in top form.

If you drink a protein shake after a workout, opt for whey, casein or soy instead, because whey protein strengthens the immune system and induce highest in muscle protein synthesis (and thus a greater muscle development).

  1. Meditate or perform daily distress methods

Meditating sounds cliché, but tries to do it anyway. Those who meditate often have higher levels of testosterone and lower cortisol (catabolic hormone that degrade muscle tissue and generally has the opposite effect of testosterone). When people who meditate are subject to extreme stress they have a better hormonal response to cope better situation.

Meditation improves sleep, reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery after intense workouts due to its beneficial effects on hormonal balance.

Greater muscle mass, definition pronounced

The easiest way to begin to meditate is to follow a specialized course. Also, material about meditation techniques found on the internet a lot.


  1. Optimizes the circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm is everyone’s biological clock and is influenced by many factors including genetic, light exposure, hormonal balance, physical activity and meal frequency.

Studies show that those with normal circadian rhythms have better health and reproductive organs higher levels of testosterone. For example, men who sleep under their prototype (morning person or persons “the afternoon”) have higher levels of testosterone than those who do not.

Here’s what to know about circadian rhythm and testosterone levels, body composition and performance:

  • Testosterone has the greatest secrecy around 9 am, making it the most propitious time to do the work most often associated with testosterone (sex), but it is not the best time for training.
  • Periods of peak strength, power and fitness is afternoon between 2:30 and 6 pm, when the body temperature is highest.
  • Protein synthesis is more than 5 afternoons, which means that you can train so that you finish training at the time. Thus, you recover better and you have greater increases in muscle.
  • Eating at night break the cycle of release of testosterone and lowers levels of this hormone
  • If possible, sleep depending on your personality (or morning). Train afternoon and avoid eating just before bedtime.
  1. Optimize your zinc levels

Zinc is a mineral for the human body strong, which enables the production of testosterone and other growth hormones and IGF-1. In men, prostate cells require large amounts of zinc to function properly. Furthermore, zinc supports the antioxidant in all cells in the body. If you have a zinc deficiency, 15-20 mg daily takes. Zinc is usually associated with copper supplements. Together, the two minerals are used to manufacture a strong antioxidant in cellular mitochondria.

  1. Take magnesium

Magnesium is another mineral appreciated in the sports world because it reduces inflammation and allows optimal release of testosterone after exercise. A recent study found that supplementation with 750 mg of magnesium per day for 4 weeks resulted in increased total testosterone levels of 26% and 18% after training. Furthermore, low levels of magnesium are associated with low levels of testosterone, and high-fat percentage.

Although magnesium is found in many foods that should you eat if you want to have big muscles and define (seeds, green leafy vegetables, avocado, nuts, beans, fish, etc.) or persons who practice sport regularly subjected to stress, they should supplement their diet with this mineral.

Avoid magnesium oxide is a cheap form of it, and inefficiency. Magnesium bull, orotate, glycine or fumes has the best absorption.

  1. Optimize levels of vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually a pro hormone considered (a substance that acts as a hormone, but technically is not), and plays numerous roles in regulating testosterone. First, the difficulty of flavoring vitamin D, through which testosterone is converted to estrogen. Secondly, vitamin D receptor sensitizes androgenic glands that secrete testosterone.

3332 I.U. Vitamin D daily administration to a group of men with low testosterone levels, for a year, led to an impressive growth of 20%. Perhaps because of its role in balancing the hormonal balance, increased levels of vitamin D in the blood are associated with muscle strength and muscle mass, and low fat.

You probably already know that the body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight, and that is lowest levels in May.

A daily dose of 1000 I.U. and 5,000 IU for a total of no more than 35,000 IU a week, maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D (40 ng / ml blood).

  1. Avoid at all costs BPA and other endocrine disrupting chemicals

Chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and parables adversely affecting hormonal profile will alter testosterone levels. These chemicals called xenoestrogens generic. Simply put, are chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen in the body.

Exposure to these chemicals not only will bedevil testosterone. Exposure to BPA is known in the scientific community as fat people. Increased risks of diabetes affect the heart and even cause cancer.

If you want to reduce fat levels raises those of your testosterone, begin to seriously study the issue; first learn how you expose these chemicals.

BPA is found mainly in plastics (including plastic bottles of water or juice), paper products and receipts or vouchers. Phthalates are found in lotions, perfumery and car fresheners or room. Parables are found in all personal care products such as shampoo or lotions. There are versions of these products that do not contain harmful substances; this is usually indicated on the package.

  1. Eliminate alcohol and protect your liver

Alcohol, especially beer, is extremely estrogen levels rise because aromatase enzyme (which converts testosterone to estrogen that). When you drink alcohol regularly, you tend to feel fatter in the abdomen, which adversely affects testosterone more than fat in other places. Alcohol reduces the liver’s ability to remove estrogen, which has repercussions for hormonal balance.

Do not drink beer, and avoid other forms of alcohol. The only possible exception is the red wine. Some red wines (such as Pinot Noir) stop due to the aromatase phytochemicals they contain. Of course, you need a quality wine to benefit from these properties!

Blood Sugar Optimizer Reviews


How can we reduce blood sugar? Usually, people with diabetes are recommended drugs that increase insulin production. In many cases, people with diabetes must inject insulin to regulate additional blood sugar levels. Blood Sugar Optimizer it’s a doctor formulated supplement that contains only natural ingredients , vitamins and minerals and amino acids. Besides these methods, blood sugar levels can be lowered by eating certain foods and by certain behavioral measures. Sometimes, however, they are not sufficient and should call for medicines. The 10 tips for lowering blood sugar targets both healthy individuals and those with diabetes type 1 and 2. Through these measures, healthy people have the chance to prevent the onset of this disease and increase the wellbeing of body. Type 1 diabetics are not able to compensate for the lack of insulin through these tips, but that deficit becomes less acute when the blood sugar level does not increase so much.

Tip 1: Avoiding Stress When you’re stressed, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which together with another hormone glucagon helps increase blood sugar. So, the more relaxed you are, the more they will feel the positive effect on blood glucose levels. To avoid from the start installing state of stress, try relaxation techniques such as yoga and autogenously training. Plan consciously relaxing breaks during the day, where you can practice relaxation exercises designed to help you find peace. To avoid stress, it is important a proper sleep schedule. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation results in an increase in the stress hormone, which in turn causes an increase in blood sugar.

Tip 2: Foods with low GI Eat mostly foods with a glycemic index (GI) low: the glycemic index indicates the proportion of carbohydrate in a food affects blood sugar levels. Glucose can only be transformed and be taken directly into the bloodstream; it has a glycemic index of 100. Foods with a glycemic index of 50, compared with pure glucose, causing an increase in the proportion of only 50% glucose. Foods with a low glycemic index are whole meal products, legumes, vegetables and some fruits. In contrast, white flour products, white sugar and dried fruits should be avoided.

Tip 3: Weight reduction If you suffer from type 2 diabetes and are overweight, you should apply efforts to lose excess weight. As the extra pounds, will in time lead to the formation of insulin resistance. In addition, excess weight affects insulin requirements. Thus, among the effects of weight loss will include the lowering blood sugar levels. To see the first results is sufficient 5% reductions in body weight within 6-12 months, but only if the weight loss is maintained. Overweight Diabetics are recommended a monthly drop weight of 1-2 kg because if radical weight loss, they cannot be maintained long term.

Tip 4: Discard excess fat Fats should not miss from your diet, but you should avoid excesses. We recommend a daily dose of approx. 80 grams of healthy fats, unsaturated. You should avoid eating foods that contain saturated fat because saturated fats – found mainly in foods of animal origin – easy to create insulin resistance. It therefore recommends unsaturated fats, which positively influences insulin resistance and that we find in fish and soy products.

Tip 5: Beware of fluids consumed Not just food, but drinks can affect blood sugar levels, because most (fruit juices, lemonades) contain significant amounts of sugar. The best liquid for diabetics is unsweetened teas and mineral water-especially green tea, a very positive effect on blood glucose levels. Scientific studies have shown hypoglycemic effect of green tea can be used as a preventive measure in healthy individuals.

Tip 6: Do regular exercise When you exercise, the muscles become strong and consume more energy than when you are sedentary. The increased energy consumption, the body burns more glucose and blood sugar drops. In addition, regular movement and combat the appearance of insulin resistance. Also, the sport regularly will help get rid of extra pounds. If you have not become accustomed to practice sports before, you should not overdo it: Start gradually in walk distance, avoid using the elevator and choose to walk the stairs on foot. Get out in nature and stroll in the fresh air.

Tip 7: Use sweetener instead of sugarWhile sugar has an effect on blood glucose levels increase, saccharin does not contain carbohydrates that influence blood sugar levels. So consumption of saccharin, glucose level is not affected. Those unwilling to turn to saccharin, stevia can try. The herb stevia is renowned for its sweetening properties and is therefore very suitable as a replacement for sugar and saccharin. Stevia is recommended for diabetics, because some of the ingredients may contribute to lower blood glucose levels.

Tip 8: Season the food with cinnamon Cinnamon is among the most effective spices of the glucose-lowering effect. Through regular consumption, its effect is significant. The recommended daily dose is at least 1 milligram cinnamon. To ensure adequate consumption of cinnamon, you can spice tea or coffee with these wonderful spices can add in muesli or fruit salad or. You can also try recipes such as rice milk, which enters into the composition and cinnamon.

Tip 9: Eat enough fruits Apples have a positive effect on blood sugar very blood. They contain large amounts of pectin which helps the sugar from food into the bloodstream to be taken gradually. Remember, pectin is found mainly in the peel of the apple, so it is recommended to eat. Besides apples, carrots and they contain appreciable amounts of pectin. Citrus fruits such as pommel and grapefruit also have a positive effect on blood glucose levels. Besides grapefruit pulp, diabetics are advised and a grapefruit seed extract. Diabetics are recommended consumption of fruit properly to ensure administration of vitamin C and B. Vitamin C alleviates the detrimental effects of diabetes and vitamin B group combat damage from diabetes on nerves. Considerable quantities of vitamin C are found in rosehip, sea buckthorn and red pepper. Vitamin B is found in yeast, sunflower seeds, soy flour. While sugar has an effect on blood glucose levels increase, saccharin does not contain carbohydrates that influence blood sugar levels. So consumption of saccharin, glucose level is not affected. Those unwilling to turn to saccharin, stevia can try. The herb stevia is renowned for its sweetening properties and is therefore very suitable as a replacement for sugar and saccharin. Stevia is recommended for diabetics, because some of the ingredients may contribute to lower blood glucose levels.

Tip 10: Zinc and chromium in sufficient dose Pay attention to a sufficient consumption of zinc and chromium. Trace mineral chromium has a significant effect on decreasing blood glucose. It seems that it enhances the effect of insulin in diabetics and ensures better control blood sugar levels. Instead, a chromium deficiency can lead to increased blood glucose levels. Chromium can be absorbed either through supplements or whole meal products or chicken.

Pure Colon Detox Review – Rejuvenate and Purify Your Body


“Colon cleansing” has no scientific basis. Doctors at Georgetown University conducted a meta-analysis in 2011 comprehensive medical literature and did not identify any scientific evidence to support the idea of ​​”detoxifying the colon”. The idea that there are many toxins in the colon comes from antiquity seems somewhat logical, if we consider the substances out of the colon. But, as in the case of liver, the colon does not accumulate toxins. Pure colon detox is a natural supplement which will eliminate waste of toxins from our body. Any gastroenterologist will tell you that the faces do not remain stuck in the colon, because this organ is too moist and flexible to allow for this. This eliminates two arguments elementary biology offered by those who promote “colon cleansing” – that fecal matter toxins in the body and keep it blocks the absorption of nutrient substances (something that happens actually in the small intestine). If fecal matter in the colon does not remain blocked, there is no reason that toxins remain blocked here. Moreover, “colon cleansing” could have adverse consequences. This habit could lead to beneficial bacteria in the colon cleaning helps in digestion. Moreover, through regular cleaning, colon and rectum may lose their ability to generate bowel so that the patient is likely to become addicted to enemas. The most common side effects of “colon cleansing” are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Depending on the substance used to “cleanse” and the amount of water, the patients may suffer a dramatic loss of electrolytes in the body. The medical literature documents the occurrence of cases of kidney failure and liver, rectal perforations, blood infections and dysentery even after these “detox cure”.

Detoxification and fat cells

Another detoxification method is based on an empty stomach, the consumption of beverages and herbal solutions or adoption of a raw diet. In short; there is no food or plant that magically eliminates toxins from the blood and organs. Toxins have many chemical forms, and there is no reason why a plant can identify and extract all the harmful elements in the body, to leave behind all that is good. Raw vegan diet, which many people believe is “detoxifying”, offers an instructive example. This diet would suggest that all species that eat raw vegan – cows, rabbits etc. – Would be free from toxins. However, those animals’ toxins present as many people. Moreover, some people who have adopted a vegan diet have concerns about the toxins in beef and milk. The logical argument is that fasting helps you burn fat cells, which contain toxins. However, the body fat burning of fat cells, the cell itself is not. The cells shrink in size, do not disappear. If they disappear, as happens in cases of extreme starvation, doctors do not know exactly what would happen with toxins within them. Most likely, the toxins would not simply disappear from the body, but it goes through the liver. It is possible that a sudden release of toxins slowly over the years and stored in fat cells to overburden the liver, causing serious problems.

Reducing the accumulation of toxins – the best solution

The best advice to reduce the amount of toxins in the body is to reduce exposure to toxins (smoking, urban pollution, consumption of unnecessary drugs), eating a healthy diet and maintaining a sufficient amount of fluids to allow the kidneys, liver and sweat glands to fulfill the task to eliminate as many toxins as possible.