Fermented Green Supremefood Reviews


Swiss doctor Paul Kutschoff was first to demonstrate in 1930, that the human body needs at least 50 % raw food per day, to function optimally. He agreed that are so many scam supplements that we can find online but the only one who proved good for our body is Fermented Green Supremefood. On the other hand, if more than 50 % of food in a day are not living (raw ) food surplus immune system treats them like foreign bodies, such as the immune system fight excess ” dead food ” as like fighting a foreign body that has invaded your body .

What is raw food? Raw = food containing enzymes. All living organisms contain enzymes. Where there are no enzymes there is no life. Enzymes are destroyed when food is fully cooked heat (boiled, fried, baked, etc.), which is why cooked food is dead – whether we speak of plant or animal food.

What are enzymes? Physiologically speaking, some enzymes are active proteins that drive all the biochemical processes that occur in a living organism – be it human, animal or bacteria. All processes in the body, including those that help us to see, to think, to digest food, breathe, occurs when a healthy person at impressive speeds, and this is due to the enzymes. Also called “catalysts life,” but rather, they are life itself.

Humans have two categories of enzymes:

I. Metabolic Enzymes There are enzymes inside cells. They are also called “spark of life” as none of the billions of cells would not function without them. To make your cat a clue: there are approximately 1,300 different enzymes in every cell and some of them perform their task 5 million times per minute. I think you can realize that every cell in your body is a true atomic happening in tens of thousands of reactions per second. The downside is that… As enzymes get older the number decreases, NOT metabolic enzymes can be supplemented with enzymes from outside: no food or supplements. However, a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, healthy habits) prolongs life-sustaining enzymes and enzyme to old age. Metabolic enzymes need vitamins and minerals, especially zinc and magnesium to function optimally, therefore, to maintain a balance enzyme in the body is very important that there vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body. Also it would be better to give up unhealthy habits such as: alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyles, processed foods … things that are pure poison for all types of enzymes.

II. Digestive enzymes Digestive enzymes are key elements in: * Digesting food * Absorption of nutrients from food * Disposal useless body Most digestive enzymes are secreted by the pancreas, and liver, gall bladder , small intestine, stomach and colon are the organs that are based on their function enzymes . The main types of digestive enzymes are: * Amylases – which break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. * Proteases – which are responsible for breaking down proteins * Lipases – that break down fats. As you can see, each type of food there is a certain enzyme that decompose him up to the stage where it can be absorbed by the body. So we cannot talk in the absence of enzyme digestion. Although they are so important to the human body, they do not take forever . Find out more about more about super foods on Health Magazine with Reviews!

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