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where-to-buy-Blow-EZ-PenElectronic Cigarette and other methods to stop smoking

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is one of the most successful products, an anti-smoking Electronic Cigarette revolutionary 21st century was greeted with skepticism, criticism and even unfounded fear. It`s true that Blow EzPen it`s the most wanted e-cigarette and this is because it`s the only product that is accepted by almost all the countries.

It is obvious that the electronic cigarette unlike nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers and gum, mainly aims to stop nicotine addiction. This is where the user’s choice, it can use to inhale nicotine from electronic cigarette without nicotine without harmful substances. Also, an advantage of this device is that it enables the user to gradually quit smoking defect, so switching to a non-smoker status not to be so heavy and painful or sudden and brief.

Products that are found in various pharmaceutical chains have a success rate of 8 percent for a period of 6 months and a 2 percent rate reported in a period of 2 years. These pharmaceuticals are promoting in media, anti-smoking groups, doctors and teachers and health organizations, however, the success rate of these products and their yield is low.

According to a pilot study conducted in 2011 by the Center for prevention and cure of tobacco dependence in Italy were supplied electronic cigarette smoker more people who wanted to give up their traditional cigarettes, and for 24 weeks they were asked to use electronic cigarettes received. At the end of the study, the results show that 32.5 $ of the study participants have greatly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked regular and 22.5% of participants gave up traditional cigarettes, making the switch to electronic cigarettes.

This study took place in 2011; the results are much better and far more favorable in 2013. Compared with the 8 percent success rate of 22.5% Electronic Cigarette 2011 is a success and also demonstrates that it is an effective device and Quality and its beneficial effects are real.


A while ago, the French government declared that commissioned a report to see the potential risks posed to people using electronic cigarette. According to statistics, more than half a million French smokers using electronic cigarette for reducing or diminishing the number of conventional cigarettes. Doctors and specialists agreed that the best e-cigarette is Blow EzPen.

The study was conducted in March this year, led by Dr. Bertrand Dautzenberg pulmonologist. It has many advantages the electronic cigarette has, the. At the same time, experts who participated in the study recommend that under absolutely no circumstances, electronic cigarettes will be prohibited by the French government.

“Experts recommend that access to these devices will not be stopped, given the current data, it appears that electronic cigarettes reduce the risk when replacing regular cigarettes.”

Bertrand Dautzenberg pulmonologist says, ” I will not resist if a smoker decides to use the electronic cigarette . With regular cigarettes, there are 50% chances that this causes their own death. With the electronic cigarette, we are not exactly sure yet, but probably is less risk. ”

French doctors’ conclusions are pro electronic cigarette. French experts even recommend France oppose EU Directive regarding the imposition of a maximum level of nicotine 4 mg / ml e- liquid for any electronic cigarette . Also urges the Government to be involved in promoting this product for quitting smoking defect, and not be restricted in any way access to the electronic cigarette.