How to reduce weight naturally


What I notice that people are asking about weight loss each and every day online is what is the easiest way to do it. Maybe this isn’t true for everyone but this is what I noticed, most are interested in doing it in a way that doesn’t require much effort or a lot of time. It’s unfortunate that it is so because the best way to stay fit and healthy is to implement some healthy habits into your lifestyle, that are permanent but most people are not willing to do that. However, let’s go back to the question at hand, what’s the easiest way? Well, from my point of view at least, because you’re definitely going to get different answers from different places, it’s dieting. Physical activity is hard, whether it’s jumping rope, running or lifting weights, it is hard.

Well, for me it’s not hard to be quite honest, but that is because I enjoy it and have been doing it for more than 10 years, regularly. My body is used to the effort, I’ve got a good amount of stamina and strength compared to your average, inactive individual and this is not me showing off, it’s just a fact. Inactivity causes a person to have weaker and smaller muscles, joints become stiffer, your endurance drops dramatically, etc. You will not compete with an active person when you spend most of your time being sedentary, playing video games or doing whatever in front of a computer, watching tv and things like that, which don’t involve much movement or physical activity.

Now, I must say, I wouldn’t exactly call dieting easy but, I mean, at the end of the day you have to choose one over the other if you can’t do them both.

It’s either you become more active or you eat healthier, otherwise you will not make any progress in losing fat. I think dieting is easier, it is easier for me personally and I believe it’s an easier choice for most people which aren’t active and will have a rough time getting active and staying active regularly.

As you can imagine it can be difficult to eat healthy when you’re used to eating unhealthy. It can be difficult sticking to vegetables, whole grain bread, lean meat like chicken breast, greek yogurt and so on. It can be difficult doing the shopping for these foods when you’re used to ordering pizza or going out to and eating fast-food however it gets easier the more you do it, it becomes a habit and ultimately that is the best thing, to form healthy habits in your life which will not only help you lost fat and become fit and lean but these habits will keep it so and keep you from gaining unhealthy weight.


What is safflower oil made out of?


What is CLA safflower?

The history of the safflower goes back 4,000 years. Egyptians used it for a different purpose than we do today, as a textile colorant for their clothes. Although the production increased in 1950, safflower plant is known to have many health benefits and purposes.

Sharing nutritional similarities with sunflower oil, safflower seed oil doesn’t have any color or flavor. It can be used an ingredient for cosmetic products and can replace other oils, including olive oil for salad dressings.

In China, safflower oil is used to alleviate pain, heal fractures, for treating respiratory problems and for improving the circulation.

CLA Safflower oil is considered to have beneficial effects that will boost our health, thus making it a better choice. Derived from the safflower plant’s seeds called Carthamus tinctorius, that can be found in Africa or Asia, safflower oil is extracted.

Nowadays, India is the biggest producer of safflower in the world, along with the U.S. and Mexico.

Why is safflower good for our health?

1.Aids constipation

It can be used in a combination with sweetened water or taken with chicken stock to get rid of constipation problems.

2.Prevents atherosclerosis

Protects the heart and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases or strokes.

3.Clears the skin

It’s an effective treatment that fights acne and removes blackheads, whiteheads or other dark spots.

4.Reduces menstrual pain

Ensures a normal blood flow and prevents the apparition of clots that can increase menstrual pains and abdominal discomfort.

5.Helps joint pains

Gently massaging a small quantity of safflower on the area, it will eliminate joint pains due to arthritis of injuries.

How to use safflower oil

  • As food for birds or for the oil industry.
  • As a spice, it can replace saffron, which is highly expensive. It is also called false saffron, thistle saffron, or bastard saffron.
  • As a solvent for oil painting, instead of linseed oil.
  • As an industrial ingredient for coatings, paints or varnishes.
  • As a hair conditioner, it detangles the braids and nourishes the hair.

CLA Safflower Oil Precautions and side effects

It can act as an anti-clotting agent, so it’s not advised to use it before or right after a surgery.

If you are allergic to marigolds, sunflower, ragweed, daisies or chrysanthemums.

Taken with some anti-inflammatory drugs, safflower oil could stimulate the blood flow and be dangerous in case of a hemorrhage.

It can lower the blood and produce a calming effect, but a hypotensive person might encounter blood pressure changes which could affect his health.

Pregnant women should avoid it due to the risk of developing contractions.

Side-effects can be diarrhea, a loose stool, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, nausea.

Types of safflower oil

1.The one containing high quantities of oleic acids or monounsaturated fatty acids

2.The one rich in linoleic acid or polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Omega-3 and omega-6 are important substances that our body must procure in order to remain healthy. Safflower oil includes both, thus making it a great addition to any household.

CLA Safflower Oil – 2017 Weight Loss Supplement


You’ve heard about fatty acids before, generally, they are good for you, they can offer various health benefits for your brain, sometimes for weight loss and more. CLA is a group of fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which resemble linoleic acid which is why the mixture is called conjugated linoleic acid. These fatty acids have the same molecular structure as linoleic acid or at the very least very similar and CLA has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, it can reduce tumors in animals and in humans, it can help with blood pressure related problems, insulin resistance, etc.

Now, before I talk about how CLA can help you burn fat, I just want you all to understand that it’s no miracle drug. I keep repeating in my articles that there is no such thing and I am sorry that I sound like a broken record but there are always people that seem to believe that things like CLA, green tea, whatever else used by weight loss supplements, can help them shed several pounds per week and in no time they become fit, without much physical activity or dieting. No, in fact, you will probably make no progress unless you diet and exercise and CLA fat burning results vary for each individual.

Which leads me to the topic of CLA’s reliability, it is or can be quite unreliable. In some studies, it offered a good reduction in fat mass, while also helping to preserve muscle mass or lean muscle. In others, it didn’t do the same, it has conflicting results. Of course, as I said, CLA represents a mixture of linoleic acid isomers and not all trials use the same type of CLA, the same isomers with the same chemical bond or molecular structure which may affect the results. There was this one study done in 2007 I believe, which showed that individuals may lose around 0.1 or something along those lines, pounds per week while taking as much as 3 grams of CLA. So, obviously, the dose is quite high, 3 grams.

You will not find so much in foods by the way. It’s true that you can find CLA in grass fed beef, grass fed cow’s milk, however, the amounts are quite small. It is not very effective, not overly potent and often unreliable, so yeah, definitely not a miracle drug or anything like that. If you exercise regularly and your diet accordingly, I have no doubt that you will lose fat but how much CLA will influence that, it’s difficult to say. I’ve seen people be very successful with CLA, I’ve read reviews and feedback, even from athletes or bodybuilders, not necessarily professionals, just casual bodybuilders but I’ve also seen CLA fail in promoting any benefit for fat burning in others.

CLA Safflower Oil is one of the best weight loss supplements in 2017 according to Dr. Oz and other specialists. We will see in the next months but we can tell you for sure that more than 90% of the reviews are positive.

Caffeine Facts and Benefits


What is Caffeine

Coffee is among the most popular drinks on the planet and its plants are harvested in numerous regions. Caffeinated drinks, after all, have catalytic substances and are addictive. For many years, medical health organizations from various Western countries have said that coffee could generate hypertension and is harmful to your body. You might even have been informed that caffeinated drinks can give you an ulcer.

But, recently a new wave of studies is presenting another side of the story. Even if not all studies say that coffee has health-promoting qualities, the largest part of them is rather positive. Aside from caffeinated drinks, quality java has a natural combination of polyphenol anti-oxidants, bioflavonoid, rich B vitamins or other healthy nutrients like magnesium, chromium, and potassium.

Research has shown that not only caffeinated substances have anti-inflammatory properties, but they also work together in a synergistic way to help to slow the effects of aging in the long term. In addition to it, coffee could actually stimulate healthy processes in our systems even at a microscopic level. This modern body of research has proven that an average coffee intake reverses cognitive incapacity, reduces the risk of cancer, balances glucose levels and has positive effects on our heart.

Furthermore, coffee helps to prevent many serious health problems: Alzheimer’s disease, various forms of cancer (including the digestive tract, breasts, oral endometrial, renal and liver), diabetes (type II), heart illnesses (including heartbeat problems and cardiac arrest), prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Women who are pregnant in different stages should completely cut off caffeinated drinks. If you are known to have problems with adrenal exhaustion or reduced adrenal function, coffee can actually generate more stress for your adrenal system. Now, many individuals are regularly under pressure and exhausted, so they depend on caffeinated drinks for continual energy to sustain their busy schedule. Caffeine is used in weight loss pills around the world.

If you are in the same situation, it is an indicator that your system is not working properly, so you have to treat the real issues. Adrenal exhaustion can ruin your health. Our adrenal glands have a significant impact on every organ and process of the body, from the metabolic rate of the carbs, proteins, and fats, to liquid or electrolyte balance, heart, defense mechanisms, hormones and even our sex appetite.

Therefore, every time you present adrenal fatigue, clogging your whole body with caffeinated drinks is just going to worsen your problems in the future. Coffee has serious diuretic effects and whenever you have trouble with your electrolyte balance, it is a good idea to avoid any type of caffeine. If you consume caffeinated drinks and cannot sleep or seem to be awakening during nighttime, you could be sensitive to caffeine.

These stages differ based upon on the types of coffee roasting, grinding and preparing methods. Darker roasts have less caffeine in comparison to drinks with lighter roasts. Caffeinated products of all kinds, be it simple coffee or cappuccino and some other specialized drinks, are made from beans growing in the coffee plants. These seeds are cultivated on an extensive scale in different regions of the globe. Over 75 nations grow coffee and it is a vital trading product for South America, South-Eastern Asia or Africa since half of the people in the world consume coffee regularly.




The facts about Nootropics


The truth about Nootropics

According to the definition, a nootropic stimulates the memory and improves concentration and while, while being neuroprotective. In the same time, nootropics must be nontoxic, stimulant and cause no side effects (or minimal).

Nootropics appeared in 1972 when a drug called Piracetam showed remarkable properties. An ingredient that can enhance cognition will improve memory functions, perception, communication, psychomotor functions and executive functions. A heightened ability to process information and recall facts come also with the package.

What does “nootropic actually mean?

This made-up word gives a suitable meaning to nootropics due to combining and resuming what these cognitive enhancers really do.

“nous” = “thought”, “understanding” or” mind”

“tropos”=”to turn towards”

Nootropics are drugs used to treat a number of diseases and disorders, such as dementia, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity or aging. Alzheimer or Parkinson’s patients also benefit from cognitive enhancers.

The main difference between a cognitive enhancer and a nootropic

  • Even though different supplements, foods or drugs are a cognitive enhancers, not all the cognitive enhancer are a part of nootropics.
  • A cognitive enhancer will stimulate the brain and force improved mental abilities, while a nootropic protects the brain and boosts its capacity.
  • Adderall, amphetamines, Ritalin or modafinil will give more energy, but don’t have any neuroprotective benefits.

Benefits of nootropics

  • Increase cerebral circulation which determines a better blood flow that delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain
  • Raise ATP levels in the brain.
  • Support neural activity in the parts of the brain that affect memory and learning
  • Inhibit certain enzymes or hormones that can break down neurotransmitters
  • Boost levels of acetylcholine that is a substance responsible for a higher cognitive function.
  • The substance must be able to cross the blood-brain barrier
  • Instead of stimulating the brain like caffeine, nootropics boost the brain’s power
  • Have almost no side effects
  • In order to be classified as a nootropic, a drug has to prove that it enhances metabolic cerebral functions

Common Nootropics


Derivates of Piracetam, the “ram” family are nootropics and have similar effects as the piracetam.


A substance that helps cell membrane synthesis and plays a major role increasing acetylcgoline levels


Bacopa monnieri or huperzine A have proven to increase cognitive function and improve the memory.

Semi-synthetic forms

Vitamin B6 or B1 have been researched and their synthetic form can modify dopamine or creatine levels.


As a mix between vitamin B3 and neurotransmitter GABA, Picamilon improves the blood flow while GABA inhibits certain neurotransmitters.


Is the improved form of GABA that links GABA receptors and can cross the blood-brain barrier.


An amino acid that is usually taken with caffeine and helps the release of GABA.


Created due to the analysis of the endogenous peptide tuftsin, Selank is lesser known  anxiolytic peptide


Has many beneficial properties, but there aren’t still enough research and tests done to determine its efficiency

Nootropics pose almost no side effects and by their nature, are safe drugs that can boost a person’s cognition without endangering the health of the brain or the body’s.


Spartagen XT Review – Testosterone Formula


As some of you may, or may not know, testosterone is a very important hormone, especially for men as it is in fact known as the male sex or growth hormone as well.

Testosterone plays an absolutely essential role in the development of the male reproductive tissues but it is also essential for the growth of muscles, bone mass, in sexual drive, low testosterone levels can cause bad moods and depression, it can cause bad health and contribute to various health problems, it can cause a decline in energy production and many other side-effects.

Some men have a naturally lower testosterone production and others may suffer from low testosterone due to some sickness or a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Being sedentary and eating unhealthy are factors that can easily case a decline in testosterone but also age is a big factor because it is proven and known that after the age of 30, roughly, the production of testosterone in men begins to drop. It is not very significant, you don’t experience a dramatic drop however as you age, you have less and less testosterone.

Older men may experience and often do experience a lack of sexual drive also known as libido, they may not be able to get an erection, they may feel tired and out of energy and naturally it is much harder after a certain age to gain muscle even if you eat well and workout, because of a lack of testosterone but also other factors involved in muscle growth.


Spartagen XT is a dietary supplement that claims to help with boosting the testosterone production. It is not clinically proven to work and lacks any credibility so does it work and should you buy it? I am here to help you if you’re thinking of making a decision. Even though it has no clinical trial, by looking at the label we can observe its formula and the ingredients as well as doses. There are studies made on these ingredients and online you can find if they can work and in what doses they work best.

For example, but superb is there, also known as maca root. It is in SpartagenXT because some believe it helps promote an erection. Is there proof of this? Well actually in studies it has failed to promote an erection and it is thus unproven to work. There is too little evidence to support these claims and furthermore, we don’t know what dose is used for this ingredient since only the quantity of the blend is given by Spartagen XT.

L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine Powerful Nootropics


2 Powerful Nootropics: L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine

Brian supplements promise to improve your memory while increasing the cerebral circulation and enhancing the concentration. The difference between different brands lays in the chosen ingredients and dosages. An efficient supplement should also contain L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine, among other compounds.

The Pros of L-Tyrosine

As a natural amino acid, L-tyrosine will lower social anxiety and the stress that comes with it. Also, it promotes a state of well-being and has a positive impact on the mood.

  • prevents and reduces panic attacks
  • helps the social behavior
  • keeps the anxiety levels in check
  • reduces stress
  • improves the mood
  • increases the dopamine levels in the brain
  • treats social anxiety
  • promotes attentiveness
  • improves the stress response

The Pros of L-Theanine

Usually found in tea leaves, this amino acid promotes a healthy brain and boosts the cognitive functions. Ensuring an optimal nerve impulse transmission and improving the memory, L-theanine has a positive effect on the overall health of the organism.

  • has a calming effect
  • ensures an easier learning process
  • improves memory
  • helps the transmission of nerve impulses
  • improves cognitive functions
  • raises the dopamine and serotonin levels
  • relaxes the body
  • raises attentiveness and alertness levels
  • ensures an enhanced cognition

Why are these two amino acids considered nootropics?

1.Cross the blood brain barrier

L-theanine has the ability, besides of ensuring health benefits, to have a direct effect on the brain. Unlike other supplements, L-theanine can improve the brain’s capacity by supplying a boost exactly where is needed.

2.Raise dopamine levels

This substance is responsible for mood swings and how we are feeling. Maintaining a balanced level of dopamine will increase our well-being, reduce signs of depression and improve mood disorders.

3.Relax the brain

By being able to reduce anxiety and minimize panic attacks, these two substances are an excellent treatment for anxiety disorders that can affect our social behavior. Eliminating the stress that comes along with our anxiety, L-theanine and L-tyrosine facilitate a natural state of calm that help us overcome our fears.

4.Reduce stress levels

L-tyrosine plays a part in the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters that can affect the stress levels. A supplement will provide the necessary amount of dopamine that can maintain optimal levels of hormones.

5.Increase motivation

By having a positive impact on our motivation and boosting it up, L-theanine and L-tyrosine prove to have the capacity to influence our way of thinking, boredom, or drowsiness.

Side effects and precautions

L-theanine is known to have better results when taken with caffeine, while L-tyrosine should be taken with food, especially carbohydrates.

A brain supplement will likely contain these two compounds and a couple more so you won’t have to worry about taking them separately.

Being a brain enhancer, these amino acids can disrupt your sleep so it’s recommended to be administered during the day and not before bedtime.

Usually, both substances are very well tolerated and the only known possible side effects are nausea, headaches or insomnia.

These two amino acids complete each other’s benefits and ensure a healthy body while improving the memory and cognition.